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600088031 Q 

11 T R U T h06) I 


11 Witnefled forth in the Spirit of Truth, agaiiift 
l» all DECEIT: And Plcadjng in Righ-* 

II fteoufnifle its owne caufe, to the underftanding of |j 

** the Simple, againft a very great number of lyes, Ihnders, per- «gi 

*t verting of the Scriptures, contiadiftions and falfe damnable 2! 

*6« doftrincs, held forth by the I n d e p e n d a n t s. m\ 

ill ^N'D 11 

;|| In particular by one John Bun ion, (one of Cogs Army) || 
•x > in t'-f'o ieverall Bookes put forth by him, againft the defpifed || 
IJ frtttcred People calJed ^ AKERS. f^ 

I&. A N D I S A *• 


I* ♦ Unto his fccond Book, 


2^01 Wherein what was wanting in his former of fulfilling wicked- J^ 
ifl|^ neffe is now appeared ; by his adding fin unto (in^ againft fe 
^^ God and againft bis owne (bule« || 

«& And this is to cleer the Truth from above i co of fohn Bunions |e 
!& fou'e dirty lyes and flanders ; By a friend of the Truth as it is "^l 
1$^ in Chrift Jefus ; and not as it is in mens carnal! apprehcnfions, %^ 

•^*i EdWARDBuR ROUGH •§§ 

%^ LO li^T> N \ Printed for Giles Calvert, at the Black- *L 
*| //^rw^-Eagle, near the Weft end of Paules || 




I • 

. .-' 

-. • 





I HOtJ bttfi ben a very great number of * *»botif 
Ijei ana Jlanders, aaa uttjuji dealing^ Is'mKb 
andfalfe dodriitet^ 6cc. Laid open and proved i 
reproved in plaimfe^and not in hypocri' ''"'."""f 
Hcj and of contention there if notfud- '"''*'''' 
cienly an end being begun ; thereprefeeing the unbe- 
Uevjng heart of John Bunion cannot believe me tfhm 
ifpeak? the truth in jufinejfe^nor may ibeleivebis liet 
andjlanders uttered in by pocrijie^ vehat is laid dotene- 
is left to thee^foberly to judgeofbetvoixt w, if bile tpe are 
bothjilent .- And tint kftoxotbeoneisaDecieverand 
the other is a$ A Deceiver yet true 5 andtbiff may thou 
weigh things equally. 

firji, confidering of many lyes and flinders truly 
charged KpoM him in my firji^ of which he is guilty from 
hisfirU^ and he bath not at aU cleared himjelfe oj them 
in bisfecoad, which an bonefi man ought to have done 
before he had gone further \ for ifolerty defiredwitneffe 
ofwbat be f aid : Butbeh.ith add<d to the number of 
bit a>ickedneJfe,andnot proved Jujilyifhat he hath faid 
againjt us : Andit It not for his faks,for little btrpet / 
have of bit eenverfiott^ but thi raiLvt tbatfic-ooiUU 

hrdcned^ nor fir my omnefake as if I toerc unfatufifd 
€ifKfcefmmg him that thir if mrittem^iuf tbnndeeeive^ 
tbifaipkaf^hat his wickfdrttffe m^}fjl//yfHgg(ji m. 
Utbe'mistde as ifattwfretnttbihaihejpoke^ ijhi4 
mfckfdmffe mere not repr(npHi.^* -* •* 

Jgaine^ Ccnjider that I have cleared the trulbof 
my words nhicb be bath vprejiidamd thereby fallen occa % 
fion againji the trath^ by anfwering bis ovpne concept i^ 
ons and not my ptaine words ^fo myjBsords ([ rx^hich are 
words of truth ) being Atf ended ^ aObirrefly is made 
void I So I have not fo much depred to anfwer every 
particular of bis words ^ as to vindicate my otme Vfordsy 
and the truth from hisfalfejlandersandaccufations^ 


London, 13. month, 

E- B. 


(ik Sfratiicllafa// ) 

Vitneffed foith in the Spirit of Truth 

Againft all 

2) EC EIT. 

HOW baih Satin filled tbe hearts of 
men, in chis generation ( as well as in 
former »^esj with envy againft the truth, 
and with wrath againft the way thereof, 
and bow hath h^ filled tbtm with craft, 
ind deceitfull fubritry, to offend the way^' 
of the Lonj, in all manner of perfecuting, 
and evil ^kin^ igainft it openly, and alfo in fccretgainfay- 
ing*, in bipocrine, and how are men armed co defend thctn- 
fetves in their naDgbtinef&i laying hid under the vaile of fair 
-fpcecbcH and Bne arguments, ufmg the Scripturt in the words 
of mans wifedomr, to oppofe the power and lif« of righteour- 
neflc. even as the Scribes and Pharifees of old, how zealouv 
were they intheir obfervances,and in fnlBlhng the Commands 
and traditions of their fathers, having fetthemfelves in Mofes ' 
feat, profeffing Mofu and the Prophets words, and yet perle- 
cixedChrift the life.and fobftan^e i^Mafej^ and the Prof^cir, 
and as it was then, foisittiQw,bowareChri&iwoids,and 


lie Apoftlci? profefled and preached by fuch who arc enemies 
o the life of Chrift made manifeft in mortall flefb, and fecret- 
, ly oppofing the doftrin of ihc Apoftles^who hid^Kf§owje wr, 
that C^rifi if vithinjou^ except jou ie £epnhtes. But the 
miglity day of the Lord is come^ 'and comeing^ wherein all 
hearts are made manifcft, and the fecrets thereof difcovercd, 
and the light is fpnnging out ^of darkneflc, and the Sun is 
breaking thorcfw :the cimds to^give light to all men and 
Nations, and the-great whore which Iiath decked her felfe in 
divers colours to deceive, (hall be made naked and bare, and 
the day of great ft riving is come^^and now every man ftands up 
lor his incereft, to defend his pofleifion, for the juft Judge 
ftandeth at the doore, to enquire by what law every man 
holds his Inheritance, and be findeth many holding their R e- 
h'gion, and Profeflion, by the traditions of men only, and not 
by the Revelation of Chrift Jefus in them^ and fuch he will 
difpoffeflc, though they flrive againft him, yet all is in vaine, 
and though they plead Antiquity, yet that will not prevaile, 
and in that the day of great ftriving is come,betwixt theLamb 
and his followers: jthe Draggon and his followers, every one 
of that Party afirpearing with fuch weapons as the Devil hath 
armed them withal, and with fuch Armour as the wicked bath 
they come, appeapng under divers colours, to fight againft 
Ziem^ yet under oik Head, and Prince of darknefle, and oatq 
one Purpofe, even that the feed of fdcoh may be roocsd^ qdc^ 
and that the way oftruthmay not profper, that cfaeir the 
wicked may goe on in their wickedneue,without repFoofe,and 
ungodtynefle may be hid under hypocriHe and above all otbec 
means^ that is ufed at this day, to keepe up the Kingdome of 
the Devil, and to offend the Kbgdome of Chrift ;. this is 
Cbeife, ftriving againft the light of the world, oppofingir, . 
-and denying it^ and by crafty argumcRts,and cunning fpe^cbes, 
ieeking futable Scriptures, ( as they fuppofe j to f^round their 
fal(e arguments upon, againft this very thing, that the light 
of Chrin is given to every man that comes into the World, or 
that the light which convinceth and Reprooverh every man of 
/ijj withinbim, i$ not the light of Chrift, nor worthy tp be t&» 
J^a notice off^ but Mm^\\^^ii^>l^\'^^^ 

enc to life and falvation ; if the unjuft men perfecuce^ it is fucH 
as vvalke in the light ofChrift Jefus, that cannot fulfill the 
wills and cuftomes of men, and fo are not of che World, but 
contrary to ic, in ail its wayes and worker which arc evil, and 
if the wife men of the World tiake any argument, it is againft 
thc' light, with which Chrift lighti.eth every man that comes 
into the World, fo that all the envy of the Devil, uhccher 
under thisor that colour and appearance, is ag.iinft the light 
ot Chrift Jefus and thcoi that walke th.ercin,and if the light be 
but denyed, and not balicved in, nor regarded, then may thc 
Devil have whole Poffeflion of thc heart of man, and if thc 
light of Chrift Jefus within, be owned and loved, and walked 
ia,chcn Chrift is received.and there the Devil is difpoflcffc J,and 
r/iereforcit ftands him upon,above all other things to poffefle 
people againft the light within, which Cfirift hath given> that 
then he may not bedifcovered in thc heart ; but may keepe 
all his goods in peace, and have quiet Pofle/Iion in his habita- 
tion? Wei l,be it fo,though all men of that Kingdom doth gain*, 
lay the light of Chrift, by this or that way of wickednefle ' 
yet it is precious unto us, and I cannot tot earneftly contend 
for it againft all gamfayers, and yet ftrives Hot for maftery to 
ourfelves, nor to cxak any thing of our felves, but only thc 
Lord and his trutfa,wbiGh he hath made more deare to us,the(i . 
other life, or name, ot liberty, and thopgh fo it be, that this 
iwy be ipokea evil againft Wety where,. yet the Lord own^th- 
xt^ and DS who are faiiclXuff therein, in the prefence of ow 
enemies) to thc confounding of tftcwifdomeoftbisworld) 
and whereas ^o\m Bnmm bath formerly fet himfelfe divers. 
wayes to oppofe the troth under the account of his great 
zeade againft error • bot efpedally in a ftooke foitnetime finccy^ 
pa forth by him , jtninktAg thereby to ofFehd the way of righ- 
ceenfiieflre t and now a fecond time hath appeared, with a de- 
fence upon his former, called A Vindkntim^ &c. 

Of the former and his defence,, is more to the layinjg opec^ 
his folly, and ro the imeoverin^ of dis^MnefTe and micked^, . 
nelTe, thcnhisfirftoflfecegiyciffBi^bfW, whlcAcabf^ 
write in fliort four flieets of^apcr, l!^d«ittiitt^\<iLfe<^^ ' 
wJ^c At bid fpokco ogBiioA ir. 

i • 

./* > 


An - now luring agan a fecond time appeared in many words 
wiihput knowledge yec in g 'eac zeale, hach brought forth ma- 
ny things reprovable, even lyc« and flanders, and evil fpeeches 
in abundance, yet with great pretence of boIyn?fle, and fobcr^ 
ncffe, and he bath not only hctfed me, bui the truth which is 
my chcife, «nd moving caufe, ( that the trurh may be clear ) 
of this my fecond Reflj unto him, and not for my own fake 
in any thing, for I more priie to beaccountcd a fooIe,and dif- 
prayfed in the world, then to be honouied thereby, and when 
iniquity (bail come to ancnd,and tranrgreflionlhallbe fini- 
(hcd, his (hill be the Kingdome and the Inheritance of Reft 
cLernall, that hath kept himfelfe clean and pure, from a lying 
>3nd flanderpiis torgue, and who hath done righteoufly and 
fulfilled the will of God, For it is mt tverj ^ne that faith 
Lard^ Lord, that fiall enter into the Kitgdvme^ hnt he that doth 
ihe wilt of the Father which is in heaven^ aixi in that day wbtn 
. the Booke of all confciences (hall be opened, and every thing 
brought to judgement, then (hall the Kghc in every K>tJts^, con- 
fcience anfwer the Ix)rd in the juftnefic of bis dealings, and 
even then ( if np^ before ) (hall this /«*» !5//»ifl» know tlic 
Tight In all mens confciences is of fprce • when he (bail be 
judged and then (hali he fee^ he bath wronged the Lord, aid 
dealt evil againft his own foule, in fpeaking evil ofwhat be 
bath nojc knowD,,$n(l in giving felfe judgement' of what he 
bfttb not iindcrftoc^, and till that day I leave him (imfipae/ 
prayirg for fire to dcvoure him ^ only mai)' ret)roYe bis iycB- 
erro^, contradidions and fal.fe dealirg, and clear tbetrmh' 
from bis faHc Charges^ and only to the molt cheifeft things 
, wherepfbeaccufesus,in(^/;. . ; i. ■; 

And wbcr^ thou ii&^ There iff »ttth4dfathA;r9ffMr^ to 
y fi(^nd Hf a^iiinfi the HTHth^ ofd hatihf^tUjtreda ic^ke in whi^h 
Tn^ndm ^^^^ ^ ^ i^'^^ nHmber ofHenp^s cunni^glj t entedl?y hlmdud 
\ profcd ^^ ^^y things there Jalfii Reported of thee ^^ Tn!) wbichT afF 
I'uifthiaiin fwer, that (ame Booke publifhed called The tr^ faith of the 
It book, Goffel contended for ^ tec, Shall clear it (elf from diisiepreach 
^Jlj^f^" iwtlbavc not ffoodupjgaiiiftany^me truth, oruttercdanV 
^jaw*"^^^^ or l}t againft thee, * but in^bat Booke did wiccefTe 
fbrthtbc tracb agawR many \\m^ f«\R^ Vk^4 ^w^tvV^ ^a^wt 

leave iC to the honeft heancd to judge, who reads that book 
while 1 with patience and not fceking any revenge, doe bear 
Xhy reproaches, counting them greater riches then thy praife. 

And farther thou failtj Only bj the waj thou thinksft g^^^ ^^ 
mh^ me ^ wj cIo4thing mj filfe mth the words of the "pro- 
yhittandJfcfiles,6cc.^ ri. .. j 

■ ^nfw. tnie enough by the waj^ out of the truth, and out 
of Chrift who js the way, hath thou fpoken thisj and fo hath 
ottered in falfehood, and by^ or oat of the witj, neither have 
I cloathcd oiy felfc, and yet atn I doathed, with the life of the 
Prophets atid ApoRles, and not only with their words^ nor do 
I fight againft them ^though thou falfly fay \t) but bears wit- 
nefle unto them, in do&rine andconverfation, and againft 
tt^ee, all the feed of evil doers, and take backe thy own words 
• to thy felf, who art in that generation, which hath the words, k Lyj,,^ p^, 
i>at art wiiout the * life jn the evil life. venfmgScri 

Farther thou fdift^ I have broken out with afa/feTefiimoM cureisanc 
^ fohnVurton and thie^ at whieh thou feemeft to be mucn I f^' 
offended, that I 4hould fay thou art joyned with the broken 
Army of M^gog^ and hath (hewed your felves in the defer.ce 
of ihc Draggon,^gainft the Lartb, &c. 

Reply ^ what needeftthon be troubled at i:his,have I not fpo- 
ifcen the truth, and have I not faid well herein, for you are 
joyned .with ail the wicked in the Nation, and as lyars and 
fwearers and drdnkards, perfecutes with violence, and as the 
proud and wanton are fiHed with fcorniog and finging wicked 
firpes in the ftreets, even fo alfo are you come in.Print, and 
t\\ of you againft them called ^^ierj^ the drunkards and 
(Wearers they beate, them andabufcthem, andcaft thcmas 
for dead incodtches, with ftontng in the high wayes, and in 
the ftreets beating downe with ftavcs, and the wanton they 
ftng there rimes in fcorne in Alchoufes, and Taverns ^inft 
them, and thou and thy fctlowes and generation, appearcs in 
^n Print, flandering ^ ceviling them/ yet in pretence of 
aealtr iar Cod ) and all this you dot agaAn^\^&>N\^s^\AN^^<^ 

wicncffir that we are of Cod, and that the wbole world fyct 
* bm and ^ wickcdne^c,and now are not you allioyoed as an Army/cnl 
fl4u^rcr» is ^^ y^^ ^^^ ^^^ y^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ defence of tbe Dragfion, '*■ 
of the Dra* wbac wrofl^ J bavc done you, let tbe uptight in bearc judged 
|OiKgvcy> whether Ibave given fat fetefiimony againtl you or no, and 

though you have noted it for a lye in the Margent, yet tbe lye 
is thy own, who hatfa gain- faid the truth herein, and catlea 
it a ly e, inid I have dealt juftly with thee, in tbe lighc of Go^ 
and^U that know him, and when thebooke of thy confcience 
is opened, thou ftialt alfo conftfle to this thing, whenthoii 
ftandeft condeibned with them, with whom thou art now joy- 
hed^againft us, who have tbe tefiimony that we are of God^ 
and worfhipjpersof the Eather in the fpirit and truth, and roy^ 
words were ipoken by tbe fpirit of the Lord, and that in thy 
confcience (hall witnefle them^ tn the day of tbe Lord,, though 
* I ftid that "^^ ^^^^ Opprobrioufly fay 9 ♦^ here are fiung into thr 
ilefolarc ^i«i mW. And whereas thou feemesto be greatly onen^d^ thatl 
hcompafled ihould fay pyte of the firft. booke is a Corrupted grain {of 
sboQt widi 'BAbjlons trcafure, &c. 

w^h^t^ But have not I fpoken the truth herein alfo, when Ifay, I 
deftruftiop, ^ive nUfflbred up^rt of your work and this is the fiim thereof 
fbte. that part which thave numbred vj^.your ly^ and falfe refMToa*- 

Thefe ire ches againft the ^ufkfrsyis a corrujxed grain;vea,and ofB^fy- 
•^^ *? h ^^^' tt-^^fixe too. I am not afliaincd'of my words, tbouj^ thoi|) 
k^aycsfliiag ^ould defcnd.yopr worke by faying, Tmr Mfccmrfe wm of ike 
intochcinud. Birth RiihgoHfiieJfe^Jedtb, llood^ffc. And^fthtfecondcommg 

if tbifoH ofmfdrj, .&C. - 

To which I (ay,tbeie things and tbe knowledge (rf'tbem, hf 
€tit ^it of God; is not counttd by me Corrupted nor o£ 
Jfdljlop^ though now in tny laft. tbe words I own,^ 
but thy voice I deny, and knowes it to be tbe voiceof the 
^nger, and for this fayinfe have I not, nor never (hall havcr 
aayMrthenuponmyQm7cience,(!thpug^ thou would fay 
it ^lit *tis cleared in the (ight of Cod, even thou^ I fay att^ 
that thou fpeakeft, I deny, or thy fpeokuigof any thing of the: 
Htngdome of God • with thy lyiw fpirit; 
j&d whereas thou art offended, that Khouldfayyonai^ 
tkrcribed Id fcetheflockofiil^iMdl^fflAofthtfet^ 

mhoft line iMcfictb to the murderiog Preifti/t 
And tfaiou ftift, Ism very fimfirioui , dful Mttmfi mat^ Ukrii 

Hifljt Yea, your words doth defcrtbe your nttore^ for by. 
your yoice I know yop. to be none of Cbrifts (heepe, and ac- 
cordingly I judge, in joft judgement) and in true knowledge^ 
and doe not falfly fenfure, nor utter wordi void of know- 
ledge, and my words (hail be witneflcd by you in the day of 
the Lord: Envy is o( Cains nature and feed^and in that yoQ 
arc, andlyars areof /jIlsMf/ir ftbck,and you are guilty of that9 
let the fober Reader try ^ and you are among the murderif^ 
Vreifts poixy, and clofe joyned to them, in doorin and pradifi^ 
«rpedaUy in writing agafam us. 

Vlow no wrong have I doneyou,tfaatdiouneedefttobe 
tronUed, and feekes to cover your felves by thy faire wordf 
in thy anfwer a& if you were righteont, but all will not hide 
yoo, year works make yoa manifeft to be no lefK then what 
I haveftfd of yoo. 

Then fiufcher thou art hot agaioft me, in that I lay, yoa 
are found enemies to Chrift, revealed in his Saints, andtfais 
thou haft notUit in theMatgent for falfe, but thou doft not 
well to be angry; it is trne, what 1 have fpoken, thy own 
words doe prove tt, in ftying there was nothing in thee, to be 
cakflH^QQaice of ^ daswas aden^ng of Chnft wkhin^and fiicli 
as dtfny kim vi«fooodtiMfluestDliim within. So the lyeia 
thy own, wfio baft denyedcnkb, Jec the wife Reader judge^ 
and thy many words in a pretendk^arfwer will notcover yoo 
^m the guilt of whati have mrgcd upon you and not 
falfly, and what I have fiiid hitherto is <rue, aodnotfklie^ 
thoiq^ thou fiuningiy fay, thou mMrvth IJbouli ke fi wtr^ 
fttn^ m u muir. f^WMUj filfi tUnfji imfi little 4ff4Ci ; oay, 
Wiy nnderftanding was opoi, when I wrote forth that book, at 
which thdp art fo tormented, that it hath canfed thee fame 
tnonths traveUin ax^ui(h to cleave thyfelfie. and yet cannot bQ 
at reft, and tboo art ove^ieen who rdtfts uiexeproofe of thy 

Then tbou goes about to jnftify diy biothcc Banwu'^^y^^ 
wsfo wickedly Imiit ifown, as thou;\QiiiK^«c^\^ ^s^xs^ 

JBilify it, who joynedintiis accufation, and flanders ^^4i^ri 
wi:h /{^irrfri, and this would thou jofttfy we arc one,againft 
my jud anfwer, which denyed them mthe fourth pa^e of my 
firft whirc I faid, bccwcen ^wi^/ and ii^w/ipy/ there is no 
more onion e^r, then betwixt light and darknefie^od & evil; 
and that anfwer ftands untouched by thee, and i^true, and in 
jufttfytng ^oltn Bstrton/wickei flander^ thou art more . wicked 
. in comparing the Principles^ ^ndMR h mil appfdn they sgrer 

dcnyChr ift - But what a wicked xourfe haibtbou taken to clear him, by 
to be a re all adding cby own wJckednefTeJetallconGderjthat reads, for 
nun*. Second- iloenot rdeHre in plainoefle in my firfi^ it) tbefe worck^ if 

FiB^'^ himtoSe ^^^" ^^^^ ^^^ * ^^^ Charge only upon the Sji^ks^y write ia 
God^manifcft plaincffi?, afid bring teflmiony of thy accufation, and thou 
in their flcfhv may receive a farther anfwer but sot a word in phin anfwer^ 
Thirdly> that to this isretumed;thoiigbfoberiydefired,j)ettber time nor 
they make bis pjace, nor witneffcs evidenced to clear your felves, of your 
TOrcwl"thc firf* flanders, which had been more hoaeft, then to hive 11 an- 
fDlocfle of dered, afriA paffing over' your firft, but it fccmcs you can- 
the God' nor<;Jeare^ your' feivc^ in hooefty, and fo fulfill yoni: wicked-> 
head, to be ^(5, j,y adding to your lyes and (lenders, as thou impudently 
cSidVthcfe ^^^^ ^^ ^*^y comparirg the principles of the RMntcrs with the 

charged ap 00 * AndcofavechybibmerfromaMKBe&guiltjtbouartfalleti 
^<* tfay fetf itico'tbe fnate, & |uftly may bi ju^edj^o exceed bim 

in wickedhefle ; and ehouf iaift. (.with ifaame t(>tbyfeife,Ire« 
*This is a lyej ^^^ jp^chai jhe* ^M^miBriimtam Cbrift-mthiut^hem^Mlt 

chou brings no: t^innony of this aflerion, til then^be thou 

teckon^l, and ftall ht plauged fdr a lyar, which will be for e^ 

ver for we own him as be is^afcended^far above ail heavens 

« Thkr the ^{Jo fills all things, yeaand withbit us too, (b that rinftead of 

ivanrers and p^^y jj,g ((i^ ^ ftlfc accufation, . thoo adda another flandee 

2f rwching"^ and tbe*fccond things wherein thou compares tliem,i 5 unfound 

Uictke teach, fi^ tbou^l we witDcSfe, (yea thoufands) yet w^nrnt no man 

iag within 9 fp teach US, but^as the anoiiitii^ with in us, as the Saints did 

^n^^ "?^' 7 John, yet we cry not down the miniBry of God, but ownes* 

^^by^a- it, aildcryesiiowtifvKM by whom people cannot come to the 

Aftowicd^ o£ the truth, though ihcj Vsc wtx\tOTivc% ^V.<^ 

^reacKes for hire and goes for gtfrs and revtrapds, and loves ch^ 
wag^s of unrighteonfnefle, and chit was the Af oftles doftrin^, 
« icurair ouf$; and is no herefic fchough thou may fo judge it ) 
for we fay by the fame Ijpirit as the A-poftles did, they that are 
of God he^retb us who are in the truth, which is but one, and* 
Chere is not another • and the Apofiles which witnefTed the 
Saints needed no man to teach them, did exhort tben;^ and ycc 
didnotconrfemnT)riticipIcsby pradicCi : ■• 

Then tfr^ugoes Ot\^'prAhyt%Tbt Ranters aramtfor.bdf' 
iifme , MniiireMkiKgofheA^^andaremPihe^^akers thefime? 
But what doth this pix>ve, and thou faift; the RdntersMn with^ 
cuififfj »nd hm farre fhttrt of this pphifff 4re the St^fkersi and 
the Ranteri would Hotoi^n the refiirrelHoH,8ic. • 

Andhdilrfayyoo, l>dejpMMiiver6everjMkr fist rife,' 

. &c. 

Rep/j^ Friend this K farrt (hort of proving thefe things Up- 
on us, by querieing them taus, let the Reader conflder : fioc * 
it may be impndency hatb not fo wholy eaten out -hofiifiy iii' 
thee, asthat'thoQ darecharge us wholy with theft tfMi)j^,*bpb 
^ov!\& Intrude ihto us by' thy <^efliDns, ai iftou^ the thing' 
were fo indeed, but thou may be aftiatned of tby-worke| is this> 
fufflcient prbofe of eVill agaim^ us; to aske us whether it beibf ' 
whathaft'ihcw proyedinaflthis^gaiHftusfifwe were guilty ) 
wic&edncflfe in ibee^^jfi^ iocha^^geus^and (a bring^no bettti^* 
cVidipce/J)ut thy bart wbrds'^ ^afldas^ we deny rf* Rgnierj^ fo ' 
doe we thee, and fees^ you loth to be enemies eo'tbelife^f! 
Qod :• But thy laft and eheifeproofef as thou tbinkeft),tbat : 
vfe are one4s that ibt- Knntets^ A^pknirs^^^nd the -^dkirs** 
4rf /j/r*-/, thfcii»f«iHnoivmd!caw;^h^^ -^ : 

t2A1<and thy prooife of It is fi^^ 

fiid dhendj- to fame fkges efntffirfi kbokfy f » which I have Re^ . 
ptjed^ and leaver it td the Riader^ only doth fay, thotf haft noC» 
yftcpfoved'onel^'eagainftmewthefight of.God lig^ mfc», . 
th'otrart thelyar if tti^ fay^tbou baft and^toiieftfllen ft^^H be 
judge betwixt us : and thy fecond pfoofe i^moi^ to^the diftOb^ : 
voing of ;thy ignorance thervyet hath been^ and x6 dear tby 
MA.6om my *^ charge againftiUte<./vw )xsi\it^^«A«x -^v^tn^ 

of the ScripCQtt, wbiA yet I ftaod to, dioo srt fallco into ^ 
gricyions error ; my firft charge is true upon thee; that thoo. 
.perverted or wrelUd chat Scripture^ Rev, 1 3 . 1 8. in %ing the 
Lamb was fldn^fforrtbefouadatioQ of the World; for that 
Scripture faich/wr r , or from the foundation of the world, baft 
cbou no more fence, art thou and all thy company fo ignorant 
diat yon know not betwixt before and fince a time, bow are 
yoii blinded, and yet perAfti in your wickedneffe, and will not 
bi reproved, therefore this is a double iniquity in tbee, to thy 
fhame remember it, for i have (aid true, though thou under, 
ftaod it not * there is as much difference, betwixt ^f^f, and 
my fiift finee is that thing, as betwixt a iye and truth, for to fay the 
eel bid, j)lood was (bed before the foundation of the world, as thou 
6io& ii a very iye but to fay it was (hed/M^^ or from^ k truth, 
and that Scripture is truth. Rev. i j . 

And thou art the lyar,& wreftef of it,& I have not wronged 
thee in. my firft,though thou impudently aodignorantly would 
doac thy felfe, and lay iniquity uponov, buc fiirther to clear 
til|Ufebfe thoQ faiA^ f i&«#>^, m^i scccHMt it vms Jbcdjhefon 
thi t0arli v^m i and ibis is little leile then blafphemy. what, is 
<^od a byp(K:rite 'like thy fel^ to^ccount that lor truths 
which is a iye asl have proved, O horrid error and perfeft 
blffid^efle/ b^t this wil not cover thee^nor thy (bame,(rom the 
efioof imn^'^hereiscby prooff fbrfuch a dodrine, that Cod 

acfOttMk (hat whk:^ i^ a lye for c^itb ? ia&gely U^numi&ft thy 

(oHy^^Repent^fthy heart be not void of Ibame/or what thou 

haft fpoken bereto ; and let ^e Reader uoderibnd this diffe- 

reQce,thou iaift the bk>od of Cbrift, was (bed before thefoun- 

id the dation of the wor|d,.aecording to that (criptwe^ JUv. 13,1 

pturcs & fay thou per^teittithe StripoifC, md lyeft g!ro% <ia the maine 

< the tling it ff 1^ m4 faitbit i$ *tfii$ci^<x fnmtbs foundation of 

e. betwixt ^^^ ^^^^lj . j^^ ||^ I^^D^ judge, and now it is (een, the tye 

I' refiaupon thy own bead^who wrefts the Saiptore;and belyes 

tt}eLord^a^ mf,tndgoes on in thy wickednefle after re- 

pmUfe^lnd Mke tbobthe iSMtir/, they fire thy companinon% 


AadmthetcbouMtCoSkDM^^ I (bould lay, and woukl 

^ior/teiriMy&i&r a Jye,<b8t aUttry waVft'u^fecte.Ssw«:^^ 

ivkiHrtp Which vtocdi I own to be cnich concermn^ cbed^* and 
•amotaihaoiedofdini^thoQghtbou fay, Ifiyniifly, aad 
wbttcbcbopkeofthyooDfcicnceit opened, thou (halt coo- *^ ^' 
f€aeic.oolyIleaTe*cbfs(obe€oi£dendfe^^ If^l^/i!^ 

^y cbead inIio are rptricoall, and ifaey fliall be my wimrflcfti notU^m 
and die lye is of thee and thy father, whofe wkkednefle ft fnent$btt 
iiiticiendy feen by what is laid, tf I (bould lay no more ; again ^^^^ ^f\ 
dioa feift ic iB an untnffhof cbce, to fay ebon arc one of thoft of him"ilri 
that doe preach for hire, through covetnoofneffe making meD- in. 
chandize of foales, my words are not fa iai d down, thou haft 
refted them for thy purpofe, though it availes nothing : but I 
faid thoQ art in their fteps, that through covetQOufQe(re with 
fained words^makes merchandize of fooles and thou art found 
among them that preaches for bier, and I bavefpoken the 
truth hcran, let t be light in all confciences jodge, who are. 
not /eared in many things^ I might inftance that thou art in 
rkirfirfs^ and amamg f At m that aa foch things as funher anay ^ 
he proved* and the wifedome of God fo fore faw, to keep me- 
clear and my words to be defended, though I expeAcd no 
kfle from diee> as to this thing, then is come to palK^, but the * the true 

at is of thy feiie, who would deny the ^ truth ) the next thii^ j|^ >$ ^ 
lat tlKMi wik charge upon me to be a lye, I pafie, here the jf.^J^ 
Reader may exped^ ic in its place, and though thou fay the ^^ 
SMntvrs Mnd 1 gindwuj fiUvwts are pf tht fame mind i ft many^ 
Mms 9cc. 

To wftich I Reffy^ Their pradices I deny, and the ground 
in which they fiand and their fixlfedodrines yet ^re we noi 
dtny any truth as it is^inChrift ; though they, as thou may 
profefTe it ia words, which is feldome tney doe, fiM* we have* 
ftfpeA unto the truth, for the truths feke only, but how un-- 
charitable art thou in thy meafure and lodgement : Confider, 
IS if he flioQid fay,^. Smmienh of the fliitft mind with the Pope 
10 many things;tbePopeboldsChriftwasb^nof^4i7,and 
was crucified and raifed again,anda(cended,<^^.And this holdr 
T^w Vftniom^ and is of the fame minde with iliePope in mim 
dbings; and therefore muftpartirite of thefamepiiigttcs 
the Pope as thou laid of US| thoc^h tbou haft bytme^iall m* 
Are thns iodlged ua, yet I lendet A«t n\V fat t^*\.V: 

i[>ir lo lA/^o/^ ihewea ihcctby fo\\^ ati^^t^^ 

Then cfaoo goes on having pafTed by lihe two ^ flancfcrs caft 
4i y'l^. (|,2{ upaa us, by fcin. Burfn^ in your firft tooke which I charged 
thcQtukcn you wicball in mine co which noc one word as to evidence 
undervalues your flanders buc bath flipped icoverasafouleguiltyman^ 
7"^ ^^aY\ ^^^^^ charge ftands Upon you both • that you are flanderers 
not ply him ^^^"^ ^^ "'V ^^^ anfwer I am not aftiamcd of, chough yoa 
^or their fiiark much about it, and would taint it or undermine it : but 
fMiodUrion. ' thy fubtilty is CO weake, truth confounds thee and thy fimplf. 

qttie, which is that we prife the Lord Jefus Chrift, God man 
to be precious unto us, and hath owned him alone to be the 
foondacion whom God hath iyed, and in his light we are fa* 
ved, &c. 

As I faid in Page 7. againft which words thou canft not juft^ 
h} e;icept, nor yet prove the contrary, and yet as a man tbac 
•ioves to heare thy owoe tongue, thou jayes downniaoy t?iingi 
iifnpertinent as to the caufe in band- 
. But it bad.beeo more honeft co have helped thy brother 
Vurtca^ from under my true charge andxieared the truth if 
thou bad been able,but thou baft left him in the dirt under the . 
charge of a flanderer, and art rinfatthfuli to him^ and goes a- 
'bout to inquire what it is ( as thou faift ) to lay Chrift for a 
• ' foundation ; thou confefles what I have faid is fairly ffoken^ 

iind yet thy envious minde and unbelieving heart feemes to be 
> x^ffended at my words, and to them that can believe I fpeake 
plainly, and doth not bege thy beliefe, nor any maes,.but con^ 
;inends my felfe toevery mans confcience in the:figh^ of God, 
^nd knowes no other Jefus, nor Saviour^norFoundation, then 
be that John was ient to prepare the way bdbre, who was dnd 
4s,and is to come ; who faidi am the light of the World, and 
.now my words are defended to be truth in the %ht of them 
ibat are fpiricuall ; and thou and fuch may heare* but muft not 
ainderftand, who have hardened your.tearcs.ieaft you fhouid 
.believe, and tberefare is given up to gainfayings, till the wrath 
1 of God breake out againft you • and let John 'Burton remem- . 

her my words, where I faid he is' fallen into the pit which he 
.(digged for another, and be UQdervalues.the Lord Jefu% whole 
,,ifo(^riffe is tafpenke truths but be hath Ijed and flandercd 
-^gdfo i$ out ofCbri& the foun4%tk>n, ^ vx\tkcs>J»ts bim^ 

-^ ■ • 

.Ji»hoJkeepesnothisfayings,but is a worker in disirkncfle, and 
not in the Jight : And a& co chat where I fay, thus much is the 
mind of the penmans fpirir, ( ofthefirftEpiftleofthe firft 
Booke ) fccrccly fmicing at the doftrine of true faith and fal- 
vation ( to wit ) Chrift within, I have faid the truth in righ- . 
teoufneffc,and doc own my words though thoufaj I have done 
him 4 great deale of vfirong^ &C. 

. ButI leave itto be judged by them thit arc fpiricnali, and. 
not onto thee, to give falfc meaning of my words, and doth 
not he fay in that Epiftic of fome that have been depending too 
much Hfon fome thing they call pifrifi, and the rigteoufnejfe of 
Chrifimthinthem^Scc '%' 

. Let the wife in heart judge, whether this be not ^s Ibave 
faid, evenafccKt fmicing againft Chrift within, without which 
as I have /aid, there can be no fal vation, for he that hath not 
Chrift in him, is a reprobate, and this I fpeake, not in oppofi- 
tion, but as a teftimonyofChriftJcfus, that dyed, androfe 
againe. and afcended, wiio is within, and without alfo, and "if 
any preach another Jefus, let him be accurfed, and repent, 
wfco art in the Wrong doing thy felfe,fa fly charging me • no- 
ting in the Margeiit; with fpeaking falflj, when I fpake the 
truth, and the falfe fpeaking refts at thy doore, and is driven 
thither with th« power of truth. 

Then whereas thou would juftify thy former wickedne/Te, 
ihcharfiug the ^^If^iiitfrj to be decievers, againft my juftan- 
fwer * j^age S; of mine ; which ftands free fr6m any of thy * The ch 
vaine arguments, and uncohtrolcd though rcfifted, but it ap- cJrenofG( 
pcjtres my words' fticksclofe unto thee ; arid torments thee ^^f^^^*^*" 
and that we are deceivers thou faift it will eafilyappeare with ^°i""'^^b ^ 
much impudence confidence, thy arguments we fliall gcncrljioJ 

try. • bur the wj 

• And (Taift thou ) Firft, the ^^^rj deny the man Chrift ^hlchhcc 
Tefus without them, and own Chrift no other waves Luc as he 'f^ ^^^"' 
is within, c^r. J^^-^^7 

•flrp/jF, Hrtw impudent art thou in forging l^T after lye, and Gcd| itrc 
building them up in thy worke brie upon another, and a wick- 
ed couffe thou takes to clear thy former flandcrs^ tcul^ cK^t- 
gmfvpotjebceiamyfit% even by U^ng^tioiWvi^'^vv'vx. 

Friend, By this thy deceitfu I flander, white thou baft 
thought to prove us deceivers, hath proved ihy felfe one, even 
a falle accufer, mayfi thounoc blufh to fay we own Cbrift no 
otherwayes, then as be is within? we own him which was, i^^ 
and is to come, who is within us, and without us, as i have 
faid in my Brft^ we own him as the Scripture fpcakes of bim> 
and it is known to the Lord^and in his fight we are approved, 
whether thou be ieve it or not ; for I begg not belcife of thee, 
but leaves thy double flinders to be read, and judged of, by all 
boneft peop1e,and in the interim,know it is a bad way to prove 
us deceivers by thy lyes, this the rather is a witnefle to us that 
we are of God, dfi againft thee, to be of the Devil, who was 
a iyar from the beginning,and thou his Child fucceeds him ^ in 

Thy fecond proofe is, That wc are deceivers, bt^aule (faith 
cbou ) H^e doe ferfvadefoules that Chrift u cr$tciped in them, 
dead within thent, ksft d»wn nith fomething within them, whick 
was never taught bj them that fpoks the Serif tteres^ iic. 
r in thcni- Refljy Thefe words are falfly laid downe, but what thinkeft 
^ thou of fuch who might crucifie to themfelves'^a fre(h the Son 

of God, and put himto open (hame, as it is wrictea, this they 
could not doe, above Starrs, they being men upon the eartb, 
and Chrift was fent to preach to the fpirits in Prifpn, be thac 
can read let him underftand this doArine was preached by 
them that fpoke forth tfae Scriptures, who had the Jgirit of 
God, but in bindnefTe I finde thee^nd I think ib I imt feave 
thee : and doth not feed the Serpent^ yiet my words are plain 
CO him that hath an underftanding^ and an eare open, and de» 
ceiver belongs co thee, and at chy doore it lyc$« and tbou can^ 
liot remove it. 

• Farther ( thou faift ) we per{wa^e foules that that man that- 
vas borne of the Virgin Mary, is not above thtclettds, and the 
Starres^ when as the Scriftnre faith a cloud received him out of 
their fight. 

.Reply, This is another lyc, uttered without fear er know* 
Jed^e^ or honefty, we doe not perfwade fonks to believe any 
^cA thing, but i^earef witnefle to the truth of that Scripture^ 
cbat a cloud received him outof tWu ?\^t^^x^^H^^S»?^ W'^k 
^urof tbck Hgbc and muft a^ptatc. ^^^^ 

X •• 

rijgakieitt figbt, and cbis is a wicked way of chee^co prove usde- 
ceivers> by flandering us, adding more to thy own (in, and the 
* more will be thy bunben^in the day of the Lord when plagues 
and corment is thy portion, froni which thou (halt not flye, 
chough now thou be above (hame. 

Farther, ( iaift thou ) fVe perfwdit fontes mt tohlieve that, 
tbit mantb^t was crnciped^ androfe again^ Sec. ShdM fo came 
gi^ah io JMdgement^ as he went awajy aadfia/l raife up men and 
wmmn ^f 9Pheir graves ^ and canfe them t$ c$me $nt$ the va/lej 
$fltiioQcA^^t^th$ufa\fiii(^firivet$teanJo^^ o^ from be- \ 

jKr^, O how fwiftly thy lying tongue runs without fear(*, 
8s thou^ neither God nor man cook notice of thee, or that e« 
wrtboufliould be called to queftton for them, many lyes to- 
other thou haft here foulded up in one, thy lyes I deny, atvi 
tbts CO be one ^ haft thou kt thy felfe to tell lyes / O abomi- 
nable wtckedtieiTe maift thou not tremble? when thou confiders 
^riuic dtoo falfly faift of us contrary to my words, who faid in 
the cmtb o£my hearc, we own him to be what che Scripture 
fpeak&of him add not otherwife? it feemes thou cannot believe 
when t fpeake truth • I number up thy lyes, and returnes them. 
'j1>acke toichee tO read; and by all this ; is it not true, thac 
dioointof tke-fame (piric with thy fellow; and abounds more 
-ID tyes,aail faid ttitny firft,bis was but about j^thine roanyfold 
more^ but thy lyes is no tefttmony againft us, that we are de- 
'Ceivers, but tbeyihall lay heavy upon tbee at one day, when 
we (hall be cleare;, for in the affirmivev 

I fiuther fay thac, that Cbrift Jefus tbar was crucified, and 
ix>fe again* ihall come as be weot away to judgemeat, wad the 
« deadftiallbe raifcd,.aiid every man (ball receive according to 
their deeds^and he (hall fet to judge the Heatbte round about, 
■ according to foel 3. and thy portion in that day (hall be how- 
ling and goflihii^ of teeth, for the lyars Portion is. the 

lake. . 

Thou (aift again the .Shakers make m difference between 
that lights wherewith Chrifi as be isGedhathenligbtnedaU^ 
gsndshsfpirit ofChrift higivt^ mt to alU 

jLepij, I put cbee to prove that tVi^ ^t^c^tsx^v^^^^'^^ 

one againft the otherj for thus Chrift faith, I will fend you die 

. comforter even thc/pirit of truth, which muft needs be the 

^ fpirit of Chrift and he fliall reprove or convince the world of 

. fin, and of righteoufncfle •, now mark that fame fpirit of the 

Fath^andofcheSop, whoistheconrvforter of the Saints is 

the fame, and not another that doth reprovethc world.he that 

can read Ice him underftand the world cannot receive the conv 

forter yet have they given to them that which doth rq)rove 

them ; which is with the light of Chriftjefus, of the fame, and 

not contrary nor divided 5 if thou hafi an car, fhou may heare, 

the error is in thy felfe who arc without undcrftanding. 

; Further thou faift, They fay that every one hath that which 

• is like the fp-rit of Chrift , even as God, as the fpiric of Chrift, 

which thou faift is defperate blafphcrny, andcryes out with an 

out-cry, O yfondirMl deceit ! &c. 

Reply ^ I would have all to take notice, that thou haft 
wronged my words, in wrefting of t6em for thy wicked pur- 
pofe, to have a ground of flander,there is no foch words in the 
tenth Page fef my book, which thou quoateft, but in one place, 
I fay, till thou prove the light of Chrift Jchn i. 9. (which 
thou confeffes every man hath ) to be contrary to the fpirit of 
Chrift, ( Mark ) 1 (hall fay cverv man hath that which-is one 
inunion, and like the fpirit of Chrift, even as good as the ff»- 
• fit of Chrift, according'CO its me^&r'e ; tbefe wbi^b I muft 

!l ve ^"^' ^^^ ^^^ ^^'^^ Reader t*ke notice fiow fbuly thou haft 
H^^^^h' wronged my words * leaving out the ftrength of them, to 
tikt 'occafion of fliwder, • wbetiitkoo badplroyedthcligbt of 
c contra- (j^^rt-^^icb. irt fohn ic §>;H^fpdia«i.ofJbtalft cpntrarytp 
\ ^^\ the (\>int ^f Chrift', then bad been a 'better feafoi^.fQr this . 
ift^when charge againft me: 

>ravcs k • O thou impudent and (hameleffe man ! fo un/uftly to deal 
ay ftiuc agatnft the upright, who envies thee not but pitties thee there- 
mouth, f^ jg ^h^n thou or any man can prove the light of Chrift fpo- 
• ken of j^ofcif 1. 9. and 7oi» 8. 12. to be contrary to the fpirit 
of Chrift, theal may own the judgement and charge upon me, 
Aut t/JJ tAeiJ eboa art proved a lyat v ft>^ ^ti^U^JvtoCCbicltl 
fpokea of fbin 1. 9. 

delight is cwc 10 union, and4;iotconwax^ ^ ^tvA.\s^^^v^ \\V^ 

neffc of the fpirit of Chrift, and as * good in its meafure, and n^^^' 
theft words I ftand to, to vicdicateagaiRft all thy lyes, and j»ood 
wreftingofwordi^andouc-cryeff, who is an unfit fcliow to Judg 
judg« wlrac blafphcmy is, who is fo blind that thou knoweft "'<^*^» 
not the difference of words, betvvixt, hforc, ^Lndfromfis I have 
(hewed: ' 

Repent, If fo be thou nniay find mercy- 
Then forther thou faift to aver my fel[e and deceit^ Ida af* 
plj^ that xphich JhoMld be to the children of Qidyict. And yet 
cannot reprehend my anfwer, which is juft and faithful), that 
the Children of God were alwayes counted deceivers, and this 
is true, as thy felfe confcffes buc wickedly faith in thy anfwcr, 
and moft lyingly too, and b'afflin.y is falKn ctt.ofkhy 
mouth, 216^ Tyevil knowes how totals Childrens 6rrad^ and Cfifi ^ 

Reftj^ Now let all confider what thou haft faid, Chrift Je- 
fus IS the bread of life that came downe from Heaven,' the 
childrens bread, and they have no other. Now the Devil caiv 
no: take Chrifli Jefus who only is the childrens bread, and giv^ 
bimtodoggs, O horrid Icanft thou behold thi*, and not be 
fmitten to the heart, what wickedneffe and ignor arce. lodges 
in that heart that can utter chofe things ; Though thou thinto, 
thou haft donebravciy in thus faying, yet the wifedome 6£ 
God tiimestby words upon thy own head into confufioo ai)d 
gn'evioas ^errof, I deny it though thou aftirme it^ chat the 
Devil can take, or knowes^how to take Chrift Jefus and give 
V hitntodoggs. • . 

' further fboo feift, 7 am gritved, that thottfiouldefi/ay^none 
iurdcompdjijofNotiinift'and Ranters^ &:c. are carried with 
the ^^^kers, &c. and faift thou, thi^ appi-arj in all mens fight ^ . 
&c. ■• ■ - ■'' 

* -R^/j/j, Thou art a lyar,I am not greived at ihy (landers and 
wicked reprbfehes. But rather rejoyces? therein, that I am one 
worthy CO bieare them, and alfoiea that can liee, fees thee a 
falfe accufer herein,' for fuch who have feared the Lord, and 
fervcd him,and are, and have been honeft and t>pright to God 
^ m^n^ ^ave owned us, and hav<e beetv tvtwh^t S^AnxcY^ tv^^. 
fytbHkc/arid wcpe>^yGe,if any th4tViaO[\Wt\ V>0^ x>^\\:»\ «^ 
ttAm it unco God, to live in rigbuoulutS^ \\iwigjv ^^>)^ ^^"^^ 

it for a falfe thing in tbetnargent.fBut to make it appear filfe- 
chou baft corrupted CDf words ) which are chough fome of aU 
♦Thcwords fo«^«of People be brought to God, yet thou ^ feemsto be of- 
{ttms to u ^ded herewith, and thefe my words are true upon thy head^ 
are left our,! y for I aske not witbftanding fome were fucb, are they fuch who 
him which are in wickedneffe, fince they owned us? then why doft thou 
ftrcnltll of w^^^^^'y ( ^ though thou wert offended ac it ) upraides us, 
my words. ^^^ ^^^> ^^ ^"^^ ^^^ carried away with though none elfe 
which is thy lye uttered in chy hafiineflc. 

And whereas thou art offended, ( thou faift ) chat I (hould 
fay thou art like the Pharifees, whether I fpake fo or no, how 
ever I own that thou art like them ( at leaft.) even one among 

As further I (hall manifeft^ then thou haft over-leapt (with 
a falfe excufe of palling by many railings as thou faift ) which 
it feemes troubles thee that I (hould truly * charge thee to 
Mn my &ft bri„g forth lyes without fcare, and that the R^urs and light 
• Notionifts, and thee we deny, till you to turne to the Lord by 

repentance, and ifyoutume from your iniquity we dare not 
deny you. 

And further I truly charge thee,that thou art puft up in thy 
4yes and (landers, and, advanced) thy felfe above the Innocent, 
who exceeds thee in fisiith towards God, and in good workes 
towards roan^ andwhofeconveriationisin heaven, but thine 
4s among the hirelings, &c. And this thou haft skipped over, 
as a deceitfuil child, with a poore excufe, which thou may be 
afhamed to call thefe railings, but that thy heart is void of 
(hame, let the fober Reader judge elfc» then thou &ift I ftum- 
bie at that, wherein in thy firft thou faid the Devil perfwadei 
thefe men to believe, 

Firft, That falvation was not coropleatly wrought out for 
finners by the man Chrift Jefus, c^r. 

Reflj^ Here thou arc a lyar again, I ftumWe not, for I walk. 

in the light and doth not ftumble, but I reproved thy lye, and 

flander, and (aid this accufation is clearly falfe wickedly caft 

upon us, for there \8 no falvation in any other, neither is ic 

mfroagbc by any other, Wt b^ ]efa& Qdxv&% <S*c , Ks ^agp the 

^ i> 0//D/ i&^ may be read, but thouVx«& isfti ^\ \\t t^w^ 

the true charge againft thcc, that I charged upon thee, upon- 
ihcfc words (vi^.)z, believer of iyes, a flindcrer, a felie accu- 
fer,which ftands true upon thee ftill,and'will for ever tillthou 
remove it by repentance, for thou canft never clear thy feife a-- 
ny other wayes, and thou faift I have left fome words ouc,buc 
this is1>ocapoor€ catch, for doe (not make an Ef catrerd » 
the end of thy words, and if thou wert not too ignorant, thou 
mighteft underftand that which foltowes isincluied and con* 

Then dioo goeft oo,and faift I am offended that thou fboald' 
fay the Devil deceives foules by bidding them follow the light 
that they brought into the world with them^ celling them that 
wiU lead into theKingdome &c. 

Now my anfwer to this is fober, and ]u(l "* as will appeare^ ¥ p^g^ ^ ^ 
though tfeoa fay vainly, I feem to ke gravelled, becaufe I in- myfirft. 
formed thy roiftake, who faid pervertingly either in fubtilty or 
for want of wit, the light which they brought into the world 
.with them ; when as the Scripture faith, Cbrift is the light 
which lightetb ever>' man chat comes into the world,^^^. 1.9. 
which lig^^t as I did I doc affirme, will lead into the Kingdome 
ofpeace and reft, and deny it if thou canft, for the light of 
Chrift, doth reveale Chrift, and the light lighteth every man 
that cometh into the world, then thou heapes up many words 
though thou fiilfly fay, I corrupt that Scripture ^4. 8. yet I 
Jay it down in its ownf words, and faith, that is or was the true 
Jigbt. that lights every man that comes into the worldj and 
chat light ( which hath io done ) will lead all that believes iiK 
to the Kingdome, for Chrift faith I am the light of the wor(d> 
and though thou ignorantly would feem to fay this is error, 
yet I affirme it chat h^^'^he fame which faith I am the light of 
the world, is he, and no other, which lighteth every man that 
comes into the world and this I fuppofe thou wilt call a filthy 
error, but the filthinefle is in thy owne heart and error too, 
riirou^ ignorance of the knowledge of the things of God, 
who would faineC if thou could) make it appear, that that 
Chrift which lighteth every man that comes iuto ihe world, 
' %hH I . p^is not the fame that (kith I am the lig^K of the world^^ 

j^8. i2n Thy confi^fcd words tccm^io uii^^\^\stf».^^^^^^ 

ict the Reader jiidgc^whcther'that be not the fame Chrift Jc- 
liis, which fohn Ipcaks of •, fchn i. 9 as it is wriicen olJohnZ. 
1.2. and though thou ignorantly fay I would have roomc 
to broach my tolly, yec thou lees out of thy veffcl inlldeslof 
fcavcs^of lyes flanders and folly and thou faift, vifhen he /aid I 
am the li^ht of the worlds he wstvpithcut \hedid mt meane any 
light mthin^ and thoH prefumptuofify bids me deny thU if Ijcan^ 
to jvhich I fty , the fame Chrift/ which faid I am the light of 
the world, was be which was before Abr4ham^vl)^o was alight 
to the Gentiles, and lighteth every man in the world $ yea, he 
was and Is given to be a light, where his perfon ( which was 
fiippofed the fon of fofeph ) never cdme,and doe thou deny 
this if thou can that all men may fte thy folly, for there is not 
many Chrifts, but one Chrift, which is not only within but 
without, not only without, but within, but is all and in all , let 
him that reads underftand. 

Then thou faift, the light wherewith Chrijt^ as heisG&d^ 
lighted every oney is the foule ofman^ which is the life of the hodj^ 
^ and is a creature and hath onefacuhj of its oT^ne 2{ature called 
fQnfcience. » ' * 

.Reply, Now lets try this dod fine and confider what thou 
haft faid, it amounts to thus mucfi that confcience is of the na« 
ture of the foule of man, and the foule is the light of Chrift j as 

Therefore thou haft faid the confcience is the Jight of God 
which muft needs be without (in, this is more then I have or 
dare fay, I might here fitly ask thee, if thou knowe what the 
Word«confcience (ignifiesjn true undcrftanding,and yet though 
thou haft uttered this that conference is a faculty of the foule, 
which thou faift !$ the light of Chrift as God, which light of 
God muft needs be of the nature of Gca pure and not impure, 
yet in the next page thou faift^,' Confcience is a poore dun]ihill_. 
creature in comparifon cfthefpirit, &c. and in another page 
calls confcience poore ^ foe empty keg^erly things^ &c. 

What now John 3 union ; is that which thou haft concluded- 
to be the light of God, bnt a dunghill creature and loe, and^ 
empty and h€ggct\y in.comparifon,<^r. For ftiame ceafe fuch* . 
Divinity^ ii?^tf a//thyfclIowe8repTOONet\\tt\ O \xr>^ A<;jd!ii> 
^Py^gnoratiCKalc /ead thee into fnatcs^ 2i\\4 xx^^^ \\v>i ^w«i 

^{^nfcifoce wUch chon faifi is tbe ligfat of God , is Nature it 
^jfe , then it moft needs be that every mans nature ( which is 
ITnfuU fay I ) is the light ofCod, O what horrible doftrine 
'this proves in its explanation I 

' Bloib,' and be adnuned when thou confiders • then thou 
JT^es bfat in reproofe ; O wbnderfull fayes thou. That wen 
'fhffld ntAs ^ ^^ ^^^ C^^fi of their coufciences 1 1 know none 
idiat doth it, nor that ever fpokefo highly of confcience, as 
then haft here done, yet we fay our confciences beares us wic- 
wfk in tbe holy Ghoft,and this is our rejoycing^che teftimo- 
ny bf our consciences -^and if our confciences condemn us nor, 
{hen have we confidence towards God, and yet makes not 
.God and Chrift of our confcience, as thou fecrecly would 
charge «s ?rithall,tben thou goes onand would feeme to prove 
buthinnor; that fomethtng befides the light of Chrift con- 
vincetb of fin,bnt thy reach is too fliort,though rhou wind a- 
broad, and lets thy thoughts into the pit of thy owne rcafon^ 
to bring up a thing to confound truth, but cannot ; for this is 
thy prpofc, where they were all convinced by their owne con- 
Ictences ^. 8. Now all tbefe I fay were men conie into tl^e 
^pifdrlds and therefore according to f ^. r. 9. were lighted with 
the light of Chrift, and thou haft confefled th^t confctence is 
the light of Chrift as God •, which is no leiTe then I have affir- 
med, then whcTtfoTfhaft thou waded fo farr, when at the end 
dion art forced to confeffe my poHtion, thy words.beiqg ek- 
f lained,tfaat it is the fight of Chrift that doth convince of fin, 
ind C^ find na other thing befides that; then thou faift, hei« 
is'Aiiieibing befides the fpH:-it of Chrift that docb convince of 

'- Botyet I fay, nothing befides the light of Chrift,as thou baft 
^onfeiled, and that was that only whfch I affirmcti in the 10 
pkgeofinine, ib^t which thou haft made ali this ftir and co 
DO pnrpofe, ( as to prove any thing convinceth of fin bat the 
fight bf Chrift Jand in that I (aid he that convinceth of fin a- 
Mnftthelawtead^upinto the fulfilling of the law, which 
ill I ovvn, though the^ world would contradtft it but cannot^ 
UA I clearly /m thou'haft hoc reached the unfle^ftandingof 
my words. Bat su^^ttiih^ owne Mnc6:^(VD% *c&tK^ \ss^ 


y. . 

l^ytbc lav, yet cbarisrigbteoufne^i wb^h>CjCix)dentneih siM 
5vhich breal^ the la^v^tbou baftym oaise Ft^flV ^'^y hearc, aisd 
as I faid it is the word of trutlh^ihe.rigb^pW^ oi Uie ifttv 
.iTiuft needs he /uU&Ued4n')udsegigQr4jiUp^Qjou!air,;v^ 
Chrift Jfiiis inyou.ifevcryouiifiCfweiivc^aivatlcntQ your 
foules^and diou hafl aoc yecieamed wbati (DtaD^amt tboU;^ 
thou fay that for ]uftiiicacj^^ttu)ivl(>aiw;bc^^ to 

the foni^e oiAiarj ^ bjut I fay tboy muftjci^.lojok beyond \t 
for condcmnacton ; who 4r4e in u^igvtlSigfn^,%i\ii XM. remiv 
died to God, through condesmatipojin tbciMb,. for it wilj. 
reach you to coodemoation^Md thou iaift^ Thou M^derfi^^s- 

diifg to 4 Chrif} withies T^ whi^b I (ay, thy wderftai^t^' 
'deceives thiee. who> it foayi^ feared^ Uiodsiby owMeycs • 
U)at thy Gonkience may not can4cn)inxhec/or flaiidering, but 
while. I axD approved in the fight oiGoA,^ ofthofetbin^ 
whereof tbou accufes me £alfly,afid wickedly,. I oiatter np« 
thing what a lyers ji^dgement is of <nee, my anfwer to^by <^ 
^fr; (haU prove me ijlear, jmd thee a Iyer herein,; that wf 
fWQ Cods <Jirift as t^^Scrip^uiie declarer of biin^ I have 
fiid, and the darkneflc of n)y words is^ to blinde the eye of 
ibbtilcy, and not to deceive the hearts of the fiaple, ( though 
tboQ wQold % it ) fee if thou now can tell what I 

j^:.wb^^lts tboji: ^xt pfTended that I % saany. flapr« 
tbingsin tty £oQk^ I paijre Vy« «$ ^''g Wt pertinent t<^ ihi 
Vbii)g in ban(j, n^ wordMtexrw, for tb^ in band wa^ 

proving ufrdecievcrs, and that was the moft of thati medJ^J 
l^ichaU4!9Ci^iin>o^ ^^ oppofe ; an4 taotber thingi th^uboQ 
i^akc^^nbihort, my aniw^r w^aa^a^d i^ tbe )vords(6r fotni^ 
9/tkeip );lo\xf)» and thy yoke J de/i»y, without any:biaiph^^ 
mingor error, in the viewof ail the world (t1k$tgJsihm matld 
fay it ).for whatlbever a lying fpirit ipeak*^ I deny it to be the 
voice of Cbrii^^tbQi^uixiayM(0me^^ and th)j^ 

imk ii^ iy^g^if^i^ f bpPgb ihpu b^. i^t^icd that I (houl4 
^yJS^oJ^fiy^fokptQeiiy^ il9 WfiieHipugb,is not be « 

Miff bf fof e i 6mtf aad fince i time, jtrdged in thy bm c6q-. 
feieiice,^nd chy fabre words, as obac ic muft, needs be ( faift 
thou ^ T^iir the Saints of god mufi be ndhiffolts^ &c. I fay 
tiever pfeftnie ihe haiDcr<if Saiot^ but clear diy felfe of chy 
Iftfs^^i^^ander^, and pecwrtrng' Scriptures, and learne che 
Sirft pikiclple of Re}igi^> Eveo chac which Condemns 

. Affd iS» io chac wUch I fay is true, that the Pope can fpeake 
aainftieb.<3fChrii\if}chodf aschou, townir, and^may add ; L 
' beleeve he can fpeake more then thou of ChriA without, and. 
with as ^ood or betcerodderf^ndsng ^ though both a like far 
Irom the Kingdom of God •, yet in* thy anfwer, thou askes me 
^Ifm miiifirence hrrrhift the ff easing of; and btletving in 
€hri^ witkou$ ^ Yea, I dx^ ajreat deale for be that beleeves in 
m bim bath tbeWijtnefleii^icnielfeofhim, and his heart is 
porifyedvand be i^a new creature, whicb thou art nor, but 
ebdnrlTuppofewould be reckoned a Believer, fori think the 
Pope bflfidi both more words, and more good workea and 
inaksias^mutbconfcieflteoffyingaridfalfeaccufing as thou^^ 
lot ought asrnsav be u^rftood, of a tree by the fruite»^ 
wfatEbkourwaytojudgeasChrift hath given us example; 
then ifi thati faid thou Uft anfwered thy felfe a queftion de- 
•ceidully thoa arc offended-, and boafts thy frife againfl me,- 
Cbarging me fo Af i^i) ekemjte t h^trath^ and the /^yintb^b 
I did ndtwMikSt chy deceit ; but now I (hatl^ therefore ta 
flop chjf prdnd hoafts in that ^rniwer chou calls it a fad dodrin 
vhickfiiith, foihvf the light which Chrift hath e«li^b:md every 
matfmthaH^ and other fuch like things following that quefii* 
on which are deceitfull, and wicked, and thoa thereby is pro«* 
Ved the enemy to truch tby felfe, and thou andchy words ^re 
both deceitfuil and therefore bead not thy feif: then thou an« 
f jvets my QuelHon which was, doth not the Scripture wic- 
nefle that all who hav^noc Chrift within are Reprobates.; the 
Quefiioa is found, and of wofkh ro beiloted ,' and in thy an* 
-fwere thou fa^cs,;^/ it ^7^*1^; to whfchi fobcrjy Reply ^ then 
what a condition are ail in, that hath: not Chrrft within, nor 
Aoknowled^ofhim, but what they bave of him as he is 
Hiitiouc^Aydicictccrwilho^At doe t3tvo\i w:£\^^\^% ^\^ 

whether k be not of the cheifeft prize to life and falvattoiiy ta 
waicefor hioi. and feeke for him within, feeing all tbac have: 
not him- within are Reprobatet. ■ . .. 

' Bu<: farther thoa would fseme to noianiieft a great dcate of 
folly in me when all the follyl^^cs in thy own tofome^ and by. 
tbyconfufed words,! andcrlbnd^thougfounds thy anfwerc. 
upon a lye, and falie underftandmg, and therefore brings 
thy falfe ' reproofe, -as: iflihonldihokl forth that .evctry 
itian hath receivwl Chrift or the Spirit of Chrift in 
bim. • ■ •■ » ' ' 

• This I have never faid, but that every man hath the 
light of Chrift given him which I fay in union, witif 
the fpirit of Chriit ; and I fay Chrift i$ given^o all, but all re-, 
ceives him not and I (ce thou Ainderftandft'noc niy former 
words that i write in anfwer to (*c of thy Qpcries thoucau^ 
not diftinguilh betwixt a thing being given of God, & a thing 
being received by man, fo that the folly is fallen back, on tbee 
cake it who underftands not my words but oppoies thy own 
conceivings and falfe uhderftanding and thongh I might more 
truly apply this word /itf; in that extent, then thou applyed 
the like word ro rhy felfe in this fan)e page, yet I leave it to 
the judgement of the feriousReader» and fayes thy folly is 
want of wit in the World, and not for Chrifts fake, then thou 
woiHd defend thy firft wickedneffe, in tbac thou faid the Dei 
vill deceives foules by perlwading ihepi to follow the light 
within, which all men have, but my anfwer to it thou haft not 
reached, in that I fayd, he that comes to life eternall muft foU . 
low the light within which Chrift hath given, which ftands o^ 
Ter thy head for ever to be truth^but yet how blind art thou 
in confefling the Ifght within, even confcience is the light of 
Chrift as God. and it fayeth the Devil deceives foules by bid- 
ding follow the light within. 

O abominable dodrine 1 what doth the Devil deceive fouls 

by bidding fallow the light of Chrift as God?fo fohn Ennnions 

doftrine is, let it bd^ noted; now fte thou thy folly how it i^ 

manifcft, and thy pittyfull evafidns are weighed, inftead of 

rontrad/dingmy former fuffideht anfwet^ ^Mhktx tkou could 

uowayrc^ch to wrcft^ or otherwifc to antv9ti\t^^^t:&^^s^i^. 

flion, which I may anfwer as foon aftchou haft rofficiently re- 
piyed CO my former anfwer and thi^ is in part an anfwer to iCj 
icisherifietofay thacthclighc ofGod ( any light of God 
or Chhft ) can or doch deceive the foule, and though thou 
ftumble at ic, I faid well in faying chic thy whoJe purpo fe is a 
fecret fmicing agiinft the lighc within, let the Reader 

And now tomanifcft thy ignorance fuly- thou haft confefled 
the light within even confciencc is the light o f G od • haft not 
thou caafe to repent of tbefeabftirdityes and blindnefTe who 
holds forth that the Devil deceives foules by the light of God,^ 
feeing tbou can find no light within man but that which thou 

Then thou fayet , Thj vfhole defSgne w'as firfi to fbew foulet 
where fatvntion is to be h^J^ ftamf/j in Chriil without^ and yet 
bath confefled all that hath him not within are Reprobates, 
aodfuch have not falvacion by him without; Confider there^ 
fore Without Chrift wichin no I have faid,and thou 
haft confefled it, ( Mark it ) then to deare thy felfe from con- 
tradiftion which I charged thee with, thou would.cafta con-, 
fefion upon me, in that thou fayes, Iwotfldmdke a dtfihd con* 
fcience-^theUwAKdlfiritofChrifitobeaUone^ This is falfly 
fpoken J hav« never faid nor thought that a defiled confciehce 
is the Law and Spirit of Chriil a lyar thou art to be noted,aod 
c&i» lye adds^to the number and yet confider ibdu baft Tatd 
y feverali times) that confcience is tbe light of Chrift^as God ; 
and now calls confcience defiled, is the Ught of GtA defiled? 
John Bunion ii\rit[o^ O horrid/ r^ad thou thy confufion 
and grievious error which is brought to thy doore, and there 
I leave it ^ thou may blu(b and all thy witnefle at this ; and 
in that thou calls my anfwer Scoulding^ agatnft thy Epiftle,- 
and prefumptuoufly faift, The truth ofwhiibthou could be wiU 
ling tofeale rpith tkj Blood. 

Bepljiy Scoulding I deny, but I have reprooved.chy Jyes in 
theauthority^ftheLord,andbenot fo proudly puft up in 
boafting : what faycs thou ? fliall thy blood goe for this that 
the Quffkers are decavers and that tb< De^itt d^cu'oti f^>vkUv . 
j^/iM>r/'rAeffffi//ojp f he light vnthin wk\\v\iQ\i ^i^^ \^ ^^^ 

^■ > C 


'iSnence,wbic& thoa cooftflp i^r£r^ tight cfGodjk that chc Uogd 
of Cbrift was (hed before the iircrld was, aod chat chc Scrip- 
ture fayfo, and thac wt deny cii^cSalvacion was conipleafr.^ 
ly wrought by the man Cbrift Jefu5^,^itb ftVerall ocbc r filing 
nootd for lyes ^wbac fayes chou ^%h$t B;nnk%} art cbou (o de- 
florate as cbat thou wilt hazard thy i>Iood uponcbis account? 
if it be fo, fure the Devil hath great powtr over chec ;ces^ thy 
bdafting leaft the Lord make tbee ai^ example.afid shoHg{i'(i}ou 
would eiLborc me, thy fpiric J deny, and fo thy words I judgf ^ 
Md ca nnoc receive good froin an c^il Spirit ^ then ibou comes 
onr friling on cby own foule ignorance agatdiB, and t^euJd faitie 
dear thy felfe^ but by thy ftirric^ thy owoe wick^irelTe here- 
in, t hou makes it caft an odious Hght to all that pafTc by , ( w^ 
mky follow thee a little, feeing thou ai^not yec wiea^ ) and 
fidne would thou make it appear that the Mood of Ghrift wa^ 
Oied before the world was^e^ faifl it was in ^ods amtMtJbuttip 
this I have fpoken and largely (hewed thy blindoeile to all mem, 
and adds this upon thy head, thou art a lyar and perVerter of 
Scripture to fay that the blood of Cbrift was ihed. jbt foee the 
world wa». 

And further thou arc a lyar, to fay thit Qod account a thing 
lor truth which is a lye, a fad error and wicked. 

And fimber thou arc alyer,to fay that I corrupt thy words, 
Amt I bad not laid open thy nakednefle fo fi]ily,if thou biitd noc 
flitted in chy blindefle, as now I ani forced to doe, bu&^ei 
iKJQgh'of^ri^ahd more then ever cbo^ canft clear thy felfe of 
b6nefily,and yiec to cover thy owoe (hame charges me fa}fly 
Mtb fUij t6 ffeakf tviil of things I kpoT» nor^ or elfewithmad^ 

'• R^th^ J^erid be not fo confident J know the difference be^ 
tV'wt^befovifM&fittee^ or from^ and know that God accounts 
ndt a lye for ttuctT(as thou holds ouc)chy o«.vn folly and mad-. 
. tieffe, behold, who commits iniquity,in lying on the Scripture,* 
and on God, and on me, and yec pcrfifts after a fober reproof, 
and refifts the reprover with opprobrious worcjf, let cor:(u.: 
JIv/j of/atecovtt thy impudent forehead, while I forgive thee 
aiid/eekes not vengczncc againft tbee,thttv x.V\\wi^ \i\^ txxU 
^Biicofmy words, \ho\x baft falfly gaifett^i^ We>\^^ \» ti^- 

poi^,ardfighc^ wkb thy ojvn andcndanding mightily, aii4 

^vnkes !^l^u co(flroari4sJiie,.an(i iti thy felfe, for however cbou. 

jund^rftai 4^ iQy '^oris^itkifr for want of wit, or otherwife, it 

rfieverencTpdinio my cfaoUighCfi, wicb charging cbee to believe 

chat'ClKjjt isa cipe, mIj I charge chee that cbou faid fo of iv« 

ciiers) So ib^ 1 chbke thij 18 a mifiake in thee for want of 

fcuowIeJgc' CO underAaod my reberfali of thy words, being 

ixaiiicTibed at the fliorceft^not to fiU volomes,and tbroogb thy 

^iitsiuii^i^r&^iif^Qfmyif^^^ dowjuethe words, thou 

V^ytly (KCt vainly charges iise with corrxipcing xhy words!) 

which GxHlts my witoefle i have noc done, thoogb thon be 

guilty hemn. 

Bat Autber, Ideale plainly, and flaoders not in fecEet, as 

thou doft, we doe not look on Cbriftto be but a (hadiow axud 

tijif,if cboa^rXBe I (hali ^:>rwer furcher^aiHl as to that Ocboa 

. faiiljl fay Jefus is the fubftance of that anfwertol ^and thoagti 

ti\cfiii^^ThQudoMks IdoiMiitfpedkf plainly 9 &c. 

Refljy As I iiave faid I ieek not a proofe of my faith of 
dice, nor any man, nor doe I b^ chy belief, while i mm ap^ 
jprovcd in;the Ggbc^Ood, herein I matter not what a lying 
^irjtdoubisofme^ fa that what vain arguments, or Qjiedfls 
tboQ ralfes from tby owj;e falfe doubt I paflc by, beicig by tbc 
present tbing branching out in things on cbe by^if I (h^dcj^ 
amine evcty particular, I migbLfill a vollutne. 
, AjDdii^bei:e0is ^oQrhaii -gniweredmy qutftioq, wifakh. is; 
'4id (jbo^lpur jui fm^ to tfai; law for them, who yet Uwieiiiitlit 
(it^rx^i^n'6\^ law, or docJi he jVftifie that which che taw 
xon(km'ns,bdbr>theworkeoftbe law be finished? In thy 

niwx tbou iaiff; Chrift did fut intend to the Uwfor rightt§Hp> 

j^M^ffT^lxiuift^ Tbis is little to cbe 

4$ufftian.;. \'V i ■. > . 

« Tfay ttuttran^rcObrs of the kw are not CbrlAs but cUI- 
xlren o^difp^dience^and children ofwrath,and fuch Cod hadi 
..not given to Cbrift, who are his enemie€,nor i^brift to them is 
n9t|[iven,buttocpodemnetbeffiADXhdt€iftat^and tbou &jil 
"diere is matiy given to Gtirift, who yet lives, in ,tbcir ^%^ che 
.A4Hiftk7cib6Ub:,heibatfinsasafthe Devil^ and hatb not 
Maowa Cod, and ibcb as aieo^doieDtv^V %t^ ti^v O^si^^ 

and in that I faid doth Chrift {ufiifie cbac which the law cOn« 
• dcmns before the workc of che law be finilhed, and not one 
citdeoftbe law (hail faile, till all be fulfilled, thou haft noc 
reached the underftanding of my words^for while difobcdiencc 
ftands & (he cranfgreflbr Iive5)the work of the law is nc c fioi(hr 
ed nor fulfilled, but to that is condemnation and not juftifica* 
tion, if thou baft an ear thou maift heare, for he that tranf- 
grefTeth the faw is an enemy to Chrift, and Chrift fulfills not 
the law for his enemies they muft beare their own burthen,and 

. though this thou cannot undcrftand now, yet in rbe day of 
judgement (halt thou ieele it, and when the burthen of thy 
own iniquity is upon thee, then (halt chou confefTe to wbnc I 
have faid, and read me in what now thou canft not underftand^ 
and in the meane time I deny that Chrift hath put an 
end Co the law for thee, who art a Iyer, and breaks one, and fo 
is guilty of alL 

Many of thy words might be weighed and iearched,bcit I am 
no picker of quarrells, but to my laft Qtiery^ thou faift little to 
the purpofe, which is ; what a(rurance have any, that the law 
is fulfilled fbr them^ who are yet tranfgrefTors of ic, in theqif- 
felves? but faift, AjfurMa cemes throti^ Mieviag and otedi^ 
ence to the Uw ii a frmt ef bilitving^ &c. Saying every ont thdt 
hath the htfe if the Son ofGodptrifes hinefe^e as be ( Chrift ) is 
fttre. . ••* 

Reffyf Then he that hath not the ftnic ( t;i«. ) obedience 
to die iaw, wt may judge by the fruit, or for want of frAn » 
00 believer • and he that is not purifyed as he is pure ("G^rHtj^ 
bath not the hope of being the Son of God, but is wit^oot 
hope, now fee where thou art, why it breaks the law,* itbd is 
.without ( thy owne noted ) fruit of believing neither ii jpftti- 

' fyed as he is pure, and fo is without hope, this is accordir/g^t^ 
thy own affirmation, if theu cannot beare it blame thy * ItJfc 
for laying downe fuch a pofition, as hath proved thy felfe to 
be an unbeliever and without hope •,and fo without God in the 
world jbne that is for condemnation,and to be judged ir^o*tKe 
J^Mtc (mere now thou ftands. 
Anawher&is thoufaift^ 1 vsiild U3 it{[iiratice on c^^^^/Mrirr 

hz fulfilled in yoq by Chrift, in judgement and , in rigbtcouf- 
jjeiTcJfcver you receive falvation. and thefc words are true 
againft all thy oppofition, neither doe I affirmcth?tby the 
deed§ of the law any flefh living (hall be juftifiec!(biit the con- 
trary ) though thou would falfly ( yet fecretly ) caft it upon 
me, and wickedly calls this my frothy argftwent, where I faid 
the Law convincerh and is a School- matter to bring to Chrift, 

But the froth proceeds out of thy mouth/or this argument 
comprehends thee, and (lands out of thy reach for all thy de. 
teftable fpeeches againft me, and the truth, and the reft of my 
following words thou haft pafled by, where I fay, who 
ownes not that which convinceth of ' (In, how can they own 
him that takes it away by his blood r and this is truth, iand tell 
fnein/aftnefle according to my firft Query in that page, how 
is fin taken away from thee, more then from the Pope, feeing 
neither of you hath the fruit of ceafing to qommit fin, and art 
fiot thou in the froth,who oppofes me as though (I ftiould fay 
yet never did nor fought) chat juftificationmuft be fought 
by the deeds of the Law and fo gathers a falfe conception, and 
fights with it,and keeps thy felf doing in 9 (heets againft 4 and 
yet hath pafled over many fpeciall things, almoft the chiefcft, 
and though no (le(h (hall be juftified by the deeds of the law| 
yet muft^U flefh living be condemned for the cranfgreffion of 
the Jaw by Chrift, who freely gives life to all that believes, if 
tfaou baft an eare thou may heare ^ in the next thou feems (~t>t 
would at leaftjto defend thy felfe from my charge which (hall 
( if it doth not Jley heavie upon thee, which is that I call thee 
flaridercr,and truly too, from thy words where thou falfly ac- 
' cufed the ,^«<ti^ri with boafting, and hipocrify, and in thy 
anfwer thou laift, I need not ie f fended^ for thou dofi not know^ 
cHrfettowforto^fiin^ in that ( thou faift ) %e crjuf ourfelves 
and condemn aS others , &c. 

Bait this is no proofe of the former accufetion but an addi- 
tion to thy former wickedne(re, let honeft men confider I as- 
ked tnee when thou did heare any of them boaft or fee tbem 
. live iafaipocrify, but not a word to this fobcrd^dre^but addt^ 

^a. 10. 

med, crying up felfe, we deny^ but yet muftfay orelfc fay 
falfly. that we are of Cod aqd tbc whole world lyes in wick-, ' 
cdncfle, and he that is of God heareth us, and is one wil1\ us^ 
and ciiis is as the Saints tefilfied, and is neither boafiing nor hi* 
pocrify, then to my qucdion whub was, will that faith whicb 
iswithout works juititic, and choufaiftno, &c, 

Thtnl R^plj, whstisthy condition ard theirs, who arc 
not only without works of faiih ; butin the very works of 
darkncfle,as*lvingandfalfeaccufing, <^c. And feeing th'ou 
faift no, CorXidci', wherhcr th< u have faith and whether tby 
works M hich are like good workes proceed not from the on* 
bfeUivlng ground, and this I acde to my nexit I asked which 
thou halt pafTed by, muA not every one receive according to ^ 
theirdeeds, in the day of judgement, and. thep thou runs oar 
in hi^b 4»oj:ds againfl me, in thatlfaid, iftotalkeof bim 
( Cbnft ) bis birth, blood, ^^. Were faith in Inm> and iiv« . 
irgby faith, then few would want it; and furtber I. add tba 
Popebioifclfe would have it, and my words are iufi and bo« 
neft, without ejbception or contradidfon^ hm only that ibmer 
thing thou muft needs fay ^ though cboq fay many csiatftlh of 
Chrift^ that will faJI ihortof Heaven, e^, Andaskes^mea 
queftion, and faift is there not e;nough iDtltems^ tfiz. ) birtb 
blood, &€. (o juftifie, ^^^ I a»fwer the knowledge of all 
tfiings wbatfoe ver without, wiU not. juftifle, except Chrift be 
Viitbia,and if be be within^th^ p(>wer ofjiis.liff^ blood^hirtb^ 
(^c. is laiown andreceiireit and ^, aMMthis I ] reach, npt 
iny othe? Gofpe) tbeatbe Apoftics» who faiU^^^y not who 
(hall afcend or 4ekend to feecbbinrv, ( Mark ) but it faith it, 
the word of faith (' or of the Gofpel ) which are not devided^ , 
is nigh thee, in thy moutb, and in thy hea^t, and thou fialfl^ 
jigaine- changes the ^^l^n wu(hi:$rrMffh£^ ( atBidiegniling: 

Rep/j^ Beguilingisihyowne,and corrupting of Scriptures 

too^ OS is proved, and while thou aaufesusfalflyintbefe. 

things , tfay fclfe art proved truly gutky^in the fight ^bU thar 

^iC ^rituall^and as to thy ch^gjng one Tha^t tke mafi fhrifi'. 

^/"/kf ^ mi wrj fUajunti. i<^ me, lixsiiMi^S^miditigT 

Thy Adders I bca^-c wic!i patience, aiid thy reproatiics 
^hk\\ is DOC fcK evil but for Chrifts feke, who dyed ac fe^ufa^ 
lim^ and is rereaied in me,and for (hame ceafe co fay Then au 
rnhd hy Serif ture^ a Iyer, and flandcrer, and perverter of 
Scriptures^ is noc led with the fpiric chac gave forth the Scrip, 
tore but is ruled by the Deyil,and is out of Scripture rule, then 
thou goes on and would juftifie thy ignorant faying, How are 
f^ey deceived Mto owneChiJi ^noothem^ife thenas he W46 bc" 
f(ire the world began^ kc. 

And my^ anfwer to it thou haft not touched nor truly con- ^ 
t^adiAed which ftands over thee and is fufficient to all honeft ,^ ^ 

people, and Chrift we owne the fame yeftcrday today and for fijft. 

evtr^anddoch believe the father granted that requeA, and 

hci% glorified with the fame glory that he had before the 

wof/d ^msy and though thou tdl me ofg dcMe nteaning yec in 

.^lainnede I fpeake without doublenefle the fault is in thy 

weakneflbj and fotttAineflfe, and blindnefle of heart, who 

knowea not that which is infinite and immortal!, and eternali 

the flcfti of Chrifts body is fo. 

Then thou falfly charges me again ( in that I faid ) if eve- 
ry ^rit be of God wliich doch in words confefle thus ( vi:^. ) 
that Chrift was with the father before the world was ("was 
borne and fuffered in the fledi and was buried and raifed, 
&c. ) then is not the Pope himfeife ancichrift, c^c. As ( in 
my 14. page ) which fntmg m a traik and vcHttring upon thy 

But I have fpoken the tibth herein let that in thy confcience 
^nfmt in nUkedaeffe without a vaile, the vaile is on thy bean; 
and thou cannot under ft^nd me, and fo thi^is thy fimple poli- 
cy to fty the vaile is on me^and Avhat of that if I ventrcd on ir; 
it is but in the feareof God, though I Aiould fay I deny ^1 
chat thou (ai{t, or the fpeaking of any thing, for I doe mt 
own thy voicc,though feme of thy words be truie,and though 
thou Ipeake words of truth, yet therefore I reprove thee, and 
fometimes roiay not let it paiJFe for truth, for Chrift is my ex- 
anqple herein, who ireproved the Devils, though they confefl. 
. fed him, ( Xfark that ) but the chiefe ipaxi of VQ>i ^^^d% ^x.^ ' 
IpifSett av&:,aad read over again atvifctSSW^t^two^vL 

E 2 ^^^^> 

C 3^ 

ff Iff, v'jhtre I faid it is not much letter nor more accepted' ta 
confefTe Chrift in words to become, and yet in works to deny 
him, then it is both in words and works to deny him, the one 
is wicked in prophaneflcj the other in hipocrify, the one is a* 
lyar, and the other a falfe wicneffe, and let the honeft Judge • ' 
then whereas I faid Chrill is a myftery and Unto him he is )ighe^ 
and ihall befalvatlon where his perfon, fuppofed fonnc offa- 
fqjh^ never came • which words aretrue^notgain-faiedhy 
ihee, though thou aske; T)id he obtain falvation for anj with^ 
^Ht that body rphich he tockjf the Virgin. 

ft/4v[xo. That body which was begotten by the holy Ghoft* 
is not fo carnall as thou fuppofeft, and that fniritoall Rock, 
which followed them faved them, and the fame fon of Godihe 
Saviour who .was borne a Child to them, was the Prince of 
peace, yet, the evcrlaftingFather, but thy eye {tt% not this, 
and therefore thou faift, Heerstheplacevfhereheis not^ and 
the place where he hath mt been 3 ( Now thou faift ) ThoHfaf- 
fes bj many things which thou wight jHJtlj examin^and aifo ma^ 
nj Hnfeemly exfreffjons. 

O thou deceitfuH heart ' and tongue, 1$ this thy excufe 
when my word^ are beyond thy reach eicherto underftand or 
contradift ; thou wants that Spirit which can examine of 
truth, be it knowne unto thee, and what arc thofe unfeemly 
expreffions? wilt thou flander alwaycs in fecret, without evi- 
dence ? and ff thefc be they in that I faid^ our innocency will 
fpeake when thy black vaile of lyes is taken away, arid this is 
truth, and is no way but feemly to be f poken to rfiee, who arc 
an enemy of Godjthen thou would juftific thy further flanderj 

who faid, we wrelh that Scripture^ fo.j.g. 

And my anfwer is, we take it without adding or dimtnifhi- 

i«, which is true and no lye, nor wrefiing of it,neitherin thy 

Reply can I find that thou proves it, though many words uttc^. 

red little to the purpofe with adding to thy former flanderi, 

in faying, H^e would hold that that light U the Spirit $f fhrijt 

thA » netfpokenin all my3ook^\M that it isone in union I fay, 

<jf/7i//7^r co/Jtrary to the Spirit of Ghrift, botwitnefTeth of ic 

andeoic. ' ^r 

Apdihou fkrthcr faith, ^e/^j m^nj tloUiji ibi\»cW\\»hV5 

\ 00 J 

^Jftoh ilaffhmj^ This is another ly«e, prove one bllffphc- 

And further thou faift, Chrifi as he U Mediator detb 
not enlijften every one that comes into the vporldj &c, 

Replj^ Well, thy ignorance and wickedncfle vents it felfc 
f >rth a pace, let any man read that firft of John^ and fee wjic- 
ther hedoc h not fpeake of Chrift as Mediator^he faith he was 
in the beginning with the Father, and was made fteft and 
dweit with the Difciples ; and his life was the light of men, 
and the light (hined in darkiiefle;{Uid what was he which ligh- 
tcth every man that comes into the world, and he came to his- 
ovne but they received him not, but as many as received him 
to thetn he gave power to be the Sons of Cod, &c. 

What faift thou, Was not this fpoken of Chrift as Media- 
tor,confider & beinftruded rather then let thy blood go for 
it,howevcr I leave thy doftrin, thy errors herein to be judged 
by chem that arc fpirituall, and for (hatne ccafe fuch doArin, 
tJNe more I rake among the filth, the more vilely and odious it 
appearcs, and for thy proofe of this doArine, thou brings 
Mat. 1 1 25. and faies here the Father and the Son are fpea^ 
king one to another, but what doth this prove though it be 
fo, doth it any way follow that John did not fpeake of Chrift- 
as Mediator, John r.what vaine.produAions thou brings from 
thy impertinent proofes, Jet there be weighed and' taken no- 
tice o( boneftly, and thou bids me underftand thus (nuch^ 
That nature which is confcience, is the light of Cjod. 

I underftand thy btindneffe^ ifthisbrfo as tboiifaift.then 
roans nature is pure without fin, as the light of God is ^ and 
this is error abominable,contrary to the Scripture which faith^ 
all by nature are the children of wrath, is all by the light oj^ 
God( as thou fayft nature is )children of wrath ; fo thy Divi- 
nity ,and take it asit is truly interpreted,! defirenot to wron^ 
thy words,thou gives me to underftand the greateft ignorance 
from thofc things that lately I have heard, no not the like in 
England ^andit is very true,as I faid thy folly appeares by thy^ 
much medling. 

Then thoa askcs mQ^JVhat I mil havi tk li^ht eaJled^vflkre^, 
w/M every man^ in fhe world is light iwi, atA^tcaM.^^\ ^^^ 'w^v 




-^call it xhc Spirit of Chrift, thou (as it were ^ murmurs ; be- 
caufelhavecutofthy occalion, and thou cannot bend ihy 
tongue uicfa any feeming advantage againft the truth *, but in 
that I fay the light of Chrift coovinceth of fin, which is true, 
^thou onafudden produces thy bad confequences, and askcs if 
J call nature the light of Chrift, and fuch like, &c. 

But they alLdoe not prove the contrary, fo that which con- 
vincetb of (in, is worth minding and takeing notice of, by all 
that ev^r is faved, and as to chat where I fay, that which may 
be known of God was manifeft in them even in them that was 
given up to worke unrighteoufnefle, &c. 

I faid. the truth which thou art not able to contradid in 
equity, though thou very ignorantly bend thy anfwer ( as If 
I bad faid) the knowledge of God was made manifeft in them^ 
wlien I fay plainly in my Booke that they [were ttirned irona 
>tbe knowledge of God, and yet that \a hich might be known 
of him was manifeft in cbem,and this thou can0 not deny^nd 
though my words as layd down are not in the Scripture words 
in cerms^yet have not 2 faid falfly herein,and doe not be a pro* 
ver of that which thou cannot tby felfe deny, then thou faift^ 
How fetble dnargHmtnt is pim to frov€^ that every one hath 4 he 
Spirit^ &c. 

j Refly^ Thou brlindman,d4d I goe about to prove any fuch 

thing or make any argumefiC thereupon ; we are about the 

lilight which Chrift hatli given or lighted every man in jthe 

• I wot Id withail^ which light convinceth of iin, and is not con. 

^trary to the Spirit of C&ift, untothis was I fpeaking and this 

I ftood by, and thou conceives another thing from my words 

.and fight againft thy own confequences like a man too irrau- 

onall to iinderftand comtnonEnglifh, &c. 

i Then chou fatft, Thctt pafeJ by other lame argn- 

ments t^hich I tiM^ble over likf a Uinide man in a thicket of 


)\ O be aftiamed for ever! thus to evade and lhuffle,with fudi 

.fcornefuli.wTOds; I fad that which reproves of ^ t^ the gift 

lofthe Spirit of God, fohn 16. and that which makes roani. 

iSrf Ha, is h'ght^ gnd wbatfocver \s teipiwti vs isv^dft tuanifeft 

by the }isjtit£fhef. 5. bow dat€ l\\w a^ x!tv^fe Vwsnr ^x^- 


ments tumbling ovef ? what impudence is in thy hearty fb to 

fay ? wl)cnthou art put to co-ifufion, then fuch cxcufcs thou 

brings •, Well, fome may fee thy folly ? then to my Qgeftron 

which was, whether that light which ^every man is ligjited 

wkbaU, is iufRacnt in it felfe for life and- falvation to 

cyery one that Ifeliv'ves ;if thou fay, not wherein is the blame; 

ioXJotl' ia his light or in che creature, thou fwft, Ns it u wt 

ff/fficunt^ I cake a for an anfwer, and leaves it to be weired 

by the fober Reader, and though there be veflels of honour 

and of d (honour made of the (ame lumpe as thou faift, yet X 

foriher ,^^^,i^tTot every mans blood that periflietb ctf his 

ovvne head, and is not the Lord clear from the blood of atl^ 

werh,even though tlicy goe to deftruAion, arid if the Reader 

try thy Book over he (»ay judge whofe argumenta are lame. 

Then whereas thou (aid, Chrifi as GpJ hath lighud tvery 
mdfi tluu conns into thi> vcrld, To which I faid^then why dott^ 
dbou lay we wreft that Scripture Job» i . 9. feeing thou thy 
felfe hafi confeiTed no leile then what thou c^left wrefting in 
Vfi^ aiKl^ this IS truth let all men cotvdder elfe ^ chat wbes t^boii 
GonfefTes Chrift as Godhath lighted every man in the worid^ 
itis no IciTe then what wefay^ and that Scripcure fay, whicK 
is, that Chrift is the true l(ght,and that is he which ligbteth e- 
vety man that comes into the world*, and maiftnoctiiovibe 
a(bamed to €al} this fo foornfuUy iiglavering;A»ftifer,not be- 
ing able to clearthy felfe from my jnft charge, in tbat bereiol: 
char^ thee with oonfufioo to oppo& u«, in thit wfaicb thy 
felfe confeilech to be true confider wri I of i t, aod let not icby 
bk>od goe for the truth of all what tfaouiatft, for I defirtit 


Further thou cries oat, Js this mB the mf^lbaw^aftdii^n^ 
derfull ignorance^ Becaufe I faidit is not good to negledrfoi* 
Jowitig xhe. Ugh^bot that ei^ecy one mindr tbcr light of C&rift ^ 
|efus in them ; in aafwer to cby wonis wbieb was {^vci ng faii&i ^ 
tl\e light which convmeeth of iibistbe Hg)it ofCbrift ai&43o4 . 
which the r^gled of^ wi 1 1 be fiire to dajnoe^ as tbon iaift^ mi^ ^ 

now lee wife men jfudgeofnvyoiTfvtrer; but tfaon falls heavf«*- 
ty OQ it ; proving^that obeditnoeeothelaw wifl fxfi foflififei. 

lawr having ics oppsratton upon ;he difobedient ; the jufliSer 
comes CO be f^en, which is hechac is che^nd of cheLatv, and 
the law muft by him be obeyed or fulfilled in thee, if ever 
thou be faved from being damned by it. 

Con^der of this, when thou haft a better underdanding^, 
for its yet hidden frdm thee, then when thcfu haft thus cri^ 
out againft my juft Anfwer^ tbou tells me what I (hould have 
iaid, Alas poore man, thou reaches not what the knowledge 
pf things ecernall is, by that wifedome in which thou art, I 
need no man to teach me, but the Lord. 

Then thou faift. J efus Chrifi hath obejed the Law 4nd jufii^ 
fied thee ^ ice. 

Reply^ Nay hold, repent firft and be turned from thy in- 
iquities, and believe in him, and bpaft riot thy felfe fo proud- 
ly ; thou art in thetranfgrenions of the Law in fdifobedience 
to it, a lyar; flanderer, and fcprner, one that the Prince of the 
power of the Aire rules in a childe of wrath, and every one 
Ihall dye for his owne iniquity, and the foule that (ins fliall 
dye, and wrath to every one that doth evil, and the revelatf> 
on of the judgements of God ; Learne what this niieanes, 
or ask them that are of a better underftanding then thy felfe. 

Then thou feems to minde me of fome weaknefle and cries 
QVX^ Wonder fMUfooUJbnef[e, 8cc. 

Becaufel faid the light of Chrift given to every man, fg.i. 
9. as thou confelTeft, is not concray to the Spirit of Chrift, 
and CO the grace of God, but is one in their nature ( Mark ) 
and a man cannot poffibly love one ofthem and bate ano- 
ther, therefore one they are, in the union leading in the fame 
way, unco the fame end, and where doth the Spirit of Chrift: 
give light,or that grace of God work or lead if not in the con- 
science ? &c^ 

Thefe are my words. Now let honeft men confider and 
f^hn Bunion be filent, what fooli(hne0e or wonderfull weak* 
DcfTe, is in thefe words, but is onely to the wifedome which is 
devillifh,. which defpifeth truth-? or what caufe was there to 
4)lulh when I wrote them ? as he impudently faith, who can« 
^i7pr ronrrac/id' them^ nor reprove them^ and yet railes upoq 
sbem : no marveJJ that thou wou\d ^^Qt x^CLtxs^^ i&'^^xxAi^SsL^ 

with filch a pooris (hift to evade with a (ye. that thou baR fpo 
ken to it already, when as thou baft not roedied of chcfc 

O let not thy Iropudency fo fotttfhiy carry thee, for thy 
fliame is feen and laid open, its good ( in thy Kght ) to pa(!e 
that which confounds thee, wbtch is paft aniwering, fo to fave 
rhy credit among thy fellowci ^the caufe to blufti i % in thy felf, 
and its brought to thy doore. " 

Then thou pleads forthe Scripture to be the rule in oppo- ^ 
fidon to my SjL^fi^^^ which is not anfwered, whiA was, can 
there be any /urer thihg for the crea^ture to look to, to walk 
to life, or to come to God by, then the light of Chn'ft which 
every man hath given him, &c. 

But Uiou may for Ihame ceafe pleading for Scripture rule, 
ht\T\g thy felfe art fo fiirrcontrarj^ toic,forhethatwaike$ 
in cbe life of the Scripture I have union with him.and the light 
of Chrift is a more forer leftiiiiony either to witnefle juftifica* ' 
don or condemnation, then any mans words withour, whacfo- 
evcr •, then my other ,gj5r^i«i was whether the Th\s h^es^ 
. and thee and others doe fer^ (in and luft, becaufe Chrift bath 
not given you light to diicover your (ins, or becaufe you hate 
chat tight, that is given, and much to this thou fpeakeft not 
pertinent, nor anfwered in plainefTe, I leave it to the Reader 
to judge, and to read my anfwer Page 17. of my (irft which 
clears truth from all what thou baft faid againft it in tnis par- 

Now I come to the next thing, where thou ibolifhly char- 
ges, me. That tny do fir in is not according t§ truths but a 
Ije, Otarigng me to affirm that which the Af9file doth denj^ 

Becaufe I (£d the fpirit is given to every man, though eve* 
ry man receives it not, and it ftrives with . the wicked thougb 
be follow it not, &c. . 

My words herein are truth, and no lye, neither contrary to 
the Scripture, and let the Reader be Judge betwixt us, the 
Apoftle (kith the manifeftatiOn of the Spirit is given to every 
qian to profit withall, and fome of chefe to whonf he writes 
tims ; was wicked ,givcn to inceft and idolatry ^teiado^lx^x Cv^'s^ 
Aeretptove^ ic was given to the wckei, aitA >3asjvi ^^^t&t^^ 

1? 5i^^ 


the tighceoos had ir^ and there is but tbefe lvfM> on the face of 
the earth • Now^ if cHpu can find a man chat is neither wicked 
horrighceous then chou haft advantage, then feme hath noti 
cbemanifeftationoftheSpirir, the Saints had the Comforter 
the Spirit of troth, ^nd he ( the Spirit of truth ) convinced ot 
reproved the world of (in ^ they that were not Saints, but wic- 
ked had it reproving them, Marke thefe things ; and let honeft 
men judge while both you, and I am iilent, whether tby. 
dcftrine which denyes that which the Scripture a ffirmes, or 
mine which bears witnefTe to the fame thing which Scripture^ 
i^aks, be to be difowned, let an eqtfaii line meafure ; the 
Oiame, and faife doftrin is fallen upon thee, and thou art of* 
fended ( that I (hould fay thou brings other vain arguments )^ 
with a vapour fey ing Neither I mr my ftUaiwes are ^hleto an* 
fwer.icc. f 

But I fay tree, the arguments are vaine> one is, The DeivU 
are convinced bnt hathmt the Sfirit^otivsih tike, Now whar 
is this to the purpofc, that thou contcfnds in that wherein no- 
body firives with thee, nor none affinkis againft thee, and it is 
a vaine argument to parelell the fiicvill in fuch a caufe, as ba^ 
ving the Spirit, but thou art fo blind, its hardly pofiibie to- 
let thee fee thy ignorance herein. I may not much ftrive with 
thee, onely lie tell thee of thofc things, and the fobcr Reader 
fhall judge, to inflance a thing impoffible to prove things 
poiii bie, is vaiiie arguments, fo that I have ' herein done thee 
no wrong. Then thou cries out of my weakneffe, and that t 
'Blaffkeine^ and of ii great deaie cfignerafice difiovered in we, 
andbidswehefiknt, and falfly charges me with Prefutnption, 
gnd (bch like, (f'c. Becaufe I faid thus much I leave with thee, 
till thou prove the light of Cbrift,/ which thou confefleth e- 
very man hath ) to be contrary b' the Spirit of Cbrift, I (hall 
fay every roan bath that which is one in union and like the 
Spirit of Cbrift) even as jgood a^tli^ Spirit of Cbrift according 
to its meafure^ tbefe are my words, Page 1 8. and I own them, - 
and thy them is to comradidion, nor juft confutsr 
tion of them, but lyeft in ikyit^g I ttAl cohfdencc and nature 
lie felfc the Spirit ofChrift, this is fa\fc rvt^et f^oken by me, fa 
ibit thou boAmurtd a pack of n\\\Vi^ vi^t&% >^\>iww. ^s^^: 

koowledge or feare of God, in dead of a fober Anfvt^er, tht 
l^larpbemy and great deale of ignorance and prefumption apl 
pears not in my words, they are truth, and thou'baft not pro- 
ved that the light of Chrift is contrary to the Spirit of Cbrift^ 
Nay, thy (imple policy is too (hort, when thoa bad done fo^ 
then bad been a time to ba^e caft tbefe opprobrious fpeecbes 
at mee, like venomne from a Viper, but the weaknefTe ( or 
ftrengtb of error ) and blafphemy and the great deale of ig- 
norance and prefumption c^^, is fallen at thy doore and there 
I leave it, clear thy felfe from it as thou art able, who without 
any confu^tioQofthewords) falls impudently to charge me 
thus bighlyandfalfly from the words, be thou filent white 
the Reader Judges ; then thou goes about to defend thy firft 
wickedneHe in that thou faid the Devill doth deceive poore 
ibules by bidding them liften within ; an d turne the mtnde 
witbio, and fee if there be not that which doth convince of fin, 


And my t/4^/w(r to this is foqnd,and (lands over thee,and 
aoreproved by thee, though many words thou fpeakeft^ yet 
^om the Scripture doth not prove or by honeft arguments, 
that tbcDeyill doth deceive any,by bidding them to torne to 
the Jight within, which convinceth of fin, if thou would have 
cleared thy felfe, thou (bould have proued thy afTertipn, ac- 
cord'mg to my defire I asked thee, was ever fuch a thin| fpo* 
ken that the Devill can deceive any by the light of Cbnft,but . 
to this not a word in proofe, but faith. Every man hath m$ 
the Spirit ofChrifi^ ice. 

But further then I ^erj^ Doth the Devil deceive anv by 
.bidding them to turn in,ai:id Hften to that light fpol^en oFfbk$ 
I •p.for that light am I conjiendiog for,tnd not any other con^ 
trary to it, then thou faift,} t^au denyes That Paul bid Uffen 
pitbin^ telling me of making /belter fir mj error Jkc. This isno 
error to fay that ?M/bids liften within, let the Reader judge 
from that Scripture, iZ^iif. i o. 9. The rigbteoiifnefle of faith 
fpeakes on this wife, ver/:6(vrhkh is the voice of the Gofpel^ 
and verf. g. what faith it, the word is nigh thee in thy moutb 
and in thy heart, was not that the end of tbefe words to lift^ 
wlthhs the word is in (be heart^wKac 6i<dbkUdiv^e.;i ti<^9i tJx<^ 

error is thine, that Jcnyes the truth, and the fye is returned to 
the founder, who denyts that Paul bids • Hften withm, when- 
its plain he faith the word is in the heart, what faith ic 

there ? 
O that a man profeffing knowtedge and enterprfzing fuch 

things (hourd be fo f?tti(h .^ar.d(ounabletofini(h whathe 
, hath begun, then ihcn cryes out hidioufly and notes it in the 
jnargentfot wreftingoftby words, inthati faid, thou faift, 
they aretgoorantoftbeGofpelwhoclofesinwith thefe mp- 
tionsof the light within ( orconfcience ) which doth com- 
mand to abftiine from the evill, and to praftife good,-and thy 
ownc words ^re, now tbc poore foule through ignorance of 
the Gofpcl dofes in with thefe motions of its owne confci- 
ence( viz,. ) the motions which -convinceth of fin wttbint 
which doth command to abftaine firom this evilt, and praiflbice 
this good, fo let wife men confider whether I have wronged 
that intent oFtby words, and be not fofoon angry, for thou 
canft not vindicate, that they that clofes in with thefe mo- 
tions of the confcience or the light of Chf ift withiri,which con* 
vinceth of fin witbin,wfaich dpth^commmand to abftaine from 
this evill, and to praftice this good, is ignorance of the Got 
pel and doc not evade it by wSrds without knowfedj^, in 
picking of qnanrels and feeklrig offences ( by different tearms 
ofw<5rds) where no occafionjuftly is givco thee. Then my 
Qyeftion thou (eemcft to anfwer, which was„ what, and hour 
doth the light oftheGofpelworke, if not in the conftience, 
and tp command from evill,and to prafticc good? this ^erj 
ftands over thy head not confuted nor fully at)fwered, for the 
truepnderftandingofit thou haft not comprehended, but to 
thf own conception;tfaou baft anfwered as if I fliould fay chat 
every man bath the tight of tbc GofpcU working in them to 
falvation which I sever faid nor thought^ fo thy anfwer is not 
to the purpofe» 

Then thou haft paffed By fcl flightly ( as^ difable to clear 

thy Gbd and his Spirit, that guides thee, which is the God of 

this world > of that great fum of wickednefie juftly charged 

ijpontbee, P^ xp. ctf my lift, which accordi ng to true col- 

Jtd/offffiby earning the cnindw\ihinio\\\^\\^x.'9^^^^ 

convince of (in, and tKtning thereuoto and clarpctr.g in with 
the niocioc^s of the confctence, which doUicoininaQd co ab- 
ftaine from evtl, and co praftice good, and cloflog with fome- 
ching vTichih which chou confcflcd is the light of Chrift, chefe 
things preceding, cbeQiboufaift,hereby.or chus^tbe poore 
foales carried headlong, and ac the end of its life doth fall in-, 
to the belly of Hell, this isindecdafuaiofwickedne/TefeC 
forth by thee, which wbca thou receives it in againe (hall re«, 
ceive rh& intereft upon it, of indignation and vengeance, and 
though thou haft ilippedjt now, it (ball then be reckoned oa 
fobn BnnUns fcore. Remeoibcr thoa oweft to prove this te« 
fore thou be beard any more. 

* Then againe ttiou cries out, 7'iM^/W^ MHghtilj belied 
thee^ and the like, becaufe of mifplaceing a word, and faying 
tbeifght of tlie world, infiead of the light brought into the 
worid^ thoa arc an unjutt Judge who makes off^ndtrs for a 
word mifplaceing.buc it is plaine,thou means by light brought 
icfto the world> that light ^o^jy i . 9. which every rnan in the 
world is lightned witball,ard if thou doe then thou arc a lyar 
to faying in thy firft Booke and in tikis, the Devil counterfeits 
the new birth, by perfwading it is wrought by that light, and 
if tbou meane not that light, fohn i . ^, but that of the Spicit,^ 
^ohn \6. ( which I fay is not divided ) then thou arc a Iyer 
alfo, and now while thou charges me to be guided by Sar^n, 
and to be a lyar,in (he very time hafi anfwerd thy felfein a iy^ 
and cannot ^ out, Mark it. ; 

Then thou faift, Thm paffes by tnanj urping exprefpons^. 
which thou might chdrge with tmrighteoufmffe. &c. 

Reply f I tsked thee by what is the new birth wrought) and: 
how, if not by following the light of Chrift in the confcience 
is (here any other way to God but Chrift Jefui,. who batb 
lighted 'every man that comes into the world, this i^ part of 
that tbou haft pafledby, with thy lyeing cxcufe of Rageing 
expreflions of which tbc^ mav be afliamed to eqpivocate thus 
poorely to fave thy ownecrtdic, the charge of unrighteool^ 
nede )u(Uy falls upon thy own bsad^ 

Thou further faith, Andeates up thy owne wickednefTe. 
wbofaid tiimiOni faith ittvQaii\>\\iiCkO^\^<;sck\^^^ 

Satan makis thtfiulbelieveifit will hut h lesd iy what Jball^ 
be made kf^own to it, from the light ( orconfeience ) within it 
Jhall doe weB^ Sec. 

My laft Anfw^ to this,is fufficient, ooely I ask thee a {>roof 
out of the Scripture for this doArin, that the Devil doe de- . 
ceive any by the light of Cbrift, in the confcience within^ and 
till then minde my words, in my laft Anfwer^ if ever thou 
know God, it muft be by foUowingi and by being led with 
the light within3 which God hath made known unto thee, elfe 
that light is thy condemnation eternally. 

Then againe thou chargeft me with corrupting thy words 
for wrighcing thee^ for their. Now a fcorncr I charged thcx to 
be, from thy words, and that I yet fay of thee, taking thy 
words ia thy own fence , as Page 77, of thy firft doth manifeft 
thee, unto the (ingle eye, and thou fecretly charges us, widi 
following our ownffirit^ and /peaking bj cHr9wnfpirit, but our 
own Spirit we have denyed, and have received the Spirit of 
the Father through the Ught of Chrift i whereby every man is 
the world is lighted to li(e^ or to condemnation, then thoa 
feemes to be highly offended that I (hould fay, thou doft nee 
profit people at all, noting itfor falfe in the margent,but thoa 
needs not be fo angrj', though thou iay The people in the Con^ 
trej where thou dwells wiUteSHfie the contrary ^ &c. 

To which I fay thou haft no cauieto boaft of the fruit of thy 
miniftry, nor they of much profit received by thee, witnefle a 
meeting in Bedford^ vfhcvc a company of thy cheifeft mem* 
bers, I fiippofe, uttered much wickednefle in lyes and flanders 
as many can witneflc^and wicneffe three of thy brethren,tefia^ 
tors of this Bookc,who fay they know that to be truth, which 
thou haft declared, and thou art proved a Iyer in many thii 
let them read themfelves falfe witnefles and lyars like thy li 
and thefe things beingconiideredaslfaid with other thifigs 
tt the end of this, thou naft no caufe to boaft of thy mini^, 
nor they of their profit, by it in that Contry^ who art nncon- 
verted yet, from lyii^ and falfe accufing,and fo art not turned 
from Satans power to the power of God, and as for a carnal 
mini/try of whkb thou ^tkes,thev «tt ver] b«i\Vi«it:i£.^d^ 
^Ay/eUcitt caraality^ in thy undetiRandvti^^l ^t^^ivwgi ^«. 

I -/ 

are fpirituall, Then further thou goes onfeemingto bring 
ivicneffe of thy former flanders, having in chy la A, falfly ac«> 
cufed u$ wich fad blafphemies and horrible dodrins and 
thoa tii&^Mj ffeech {^l^rajeth m€^ that I am one of them ^^'' 
caufefaift cbou, I fay Ehac every nian hach the Spirit of 

O thou lying tongue when wik thou ceafe thy wickedneffel 
1 never faid nor thought fo. ' . 

And farther thou iaift, I fay there is that in every man 
!wbich is asgood as the Spirit of Chrift,my words are the ligbt 
ofChrift, lighteth or is^ given to every man that comes into 
the world, which light is not contrary to the S^ irit of Chrift, 
but one in the union and as good in its nature according to its 
meafure^ and till ^hou prove, that that light John i. 9. is con- - 
trary tQ the Spirit, which yet thou haS not done, ftop thy 
mouth and take (hame to thy fetfe, for being fouly guilty thy 
felfe of corrupting my words, which thou falfly charges on ^ 


Other dungs thou iaift, ihzt oxit focietj fhAtdd affirm^ but I 
may have ground to Judge thou art, fo. ilanderous a tongue 
on me, that the like thou may doe of others. 

And whereas I faid thou art^ tonfonnded in thy dilcourfe I 
faid true herein, as inftance, thou faift, thatconfcience may be 
feared at^ evill , and. another place that confcience is the light 
of Cod, can the light of God be feared, or is it evili? tbou 
hoidi it forth. 

Confider, is hot this confufioq, other things I might 
colledfbut this one is fufficient to prove thee in confufion and 
though thou reckon us fomctinie with the Ranters, ai^ fome- 
time with the Ptiarifees, with many words of bitttmefle and 
. envy yet we beare thy reproaches, and w^en they^Ve ^takeo 
off then (hall we appear, and thoa appear and be judged, as we * 
are, by him that is above all. Then thou falfly charges tne with 
corrupting that Scripture, in fohn 319. Whereas, I neither 
added nor diminflied but (poke it as is to be feen in my booke^ 
,FurtbercbargeingmethatIdoenot underftaud a difference 
between tbe light of the law, and the U^t^C^bL^G<^%^^ 



• Friend, I rcjoycc in that I am hWdcn from thee, and that my 

words are a llumbling to thee, for in chat ftace thou ftarideft 

the entrance into the Kingdome of God. thou (halt not k^ow 

whofe wifedome is foohflinefle with God, and though thou 

fay the light of Chrift is a faving comforting light, fo >^|| it 

be totheea condemning lighc,and of alMyars and ftandercrg« 

•nd chis (hatt thou know though thou art buded up and down, 

in thy minde feeking occaOons againft me, from my words, 

not clearing thy felfe from what I have truly changed upon 

thee, but accufing me &lfly, and this is come to pafle, that thy 

(hamc might openly appeare^ as to that difference of the law, 

and Obfpcl •, thy wifedome with my knowledge of ir, I ftuill 

not feed, yet I leave the Reader to confider, ^eut. 3 o. from 

verf. 11. to 16. And R$w. 10. 7, 8. And what I faid yet re* 

mainesupon thee undone to prove by the Scripture,fomethjng 

to convince of fin without, and btfides or contrary to the 

Spirit of God, which thou art never able to doe, for though 

ihou fav{.as none affirmes^ the light in every mans confcience 

is not toe Spirit ofGodi yet how doft thou prove^ or when 

chat it is contrary to the Spirit of God, which in my 

laft I put upon thee, and now I leave it with thee.and then 

thou would excuie thy firft word^, in that thou called the 

Quakers found hipocrites, but haft not yet proved that they 

live in hipocrify, and (o art a Iyer ftill, and my words are juft 

upon thee, aperverter c^the r^ht way of God thou arc; and 

in the day of judgement it (hall be proved by thy reconrpencr. 

Then thou goes about to prove that a natural! man may have 

power over fin, and abflaine from thofe things forbidden in 

the law, and for thy proofe thou inftances in Piul^ who faid 

he was blameleffe, Phil. 3 . Now this was before the com- 

maodcment came from God to him, which let him fee the 

law was fpirtuall, and this doth not prove that he had power 

over fin, for he was in envy, and fo a murtherer, and had 

not power over fin, according as I asked thee, if thou (aift he 

had power over fin, c^r. 

As rhon (eems to doe before he was conVided, while he 
fvjisa tytturall m^n^ then it vwis t\o&t\ w 7cx&5:\&^^ l^fus^^nd 
'^tts would be bia/phcmy, che piodxx&^o^^^^^^tiacK 

ibis thoa haft cnningly flippc'd,whcrc I asked thee to get pavi^-' 
er over fin, and to abftain fron) thofe things forbidden in the 
Laur, is it not further then thou ever came ? and bccaufe thoa 
wi!t not anfwcr, I doc and fay yet, and concludes, thdxjohfi 
'Bknians ftatc is not fo good as Tanls, while he was a perfecu- 
ter according to his own doArinc, and thou faift the Gentiles 
did by niture the things contained in the Law j true, but their 
ftatc was not condemned^ but juftified, before the circumcifi- 
on, afid I aske thee, is any condemned by the Lord, who arc 
cxcufed in his fi ght, or is any jufti ficd who is accufed, and my :. 
words are found, which thou ignorantly comments upon 
whete I faid I rather chofe to be of that profcflion which ab- 
ftaynes from thofc things forbidden in the Law, and to have 
power over fin then to live in the tranfgreflion of the Law, 
and under the power of fin; yet talking of beliefe in the Son 
<)f Marjy &c. Let the Reader jud jge whether of thcfe Religi- 
- orn is more accepted in the fight of God, thy Religion is pro- 
ved to 6c talking of beliefe, in the Son of Mary and art in the 
tranfgreflion of the Law, a Iyer a falfe witneffe in envy and 
backbiting and fuch like, thy falfc beliefe will not favc thee in 
the day of the Lord. 

Then further thou ftill confeflcs that as he is God, Chrift 
lighteth every man that comes into the world, then, wheic- 
fore doft thou make all this adoe, in oppofing us, in this par- 
ticoiar, yet let's try thy Doftrine> whether it be found, thoa 
_ faift, this light whercwi^.h Chrift as God hai;h lighted every 
man, is confcience -, and yet fometime faith this confciencc is 
feared and bardned and evi 11 ; What is the light of Chrift as 
God, feared,hardeiied,and evil ? J. Bunian holds it forth •, this 
is thy grea( Ignorance and Blafphemie, and fomtime thou faift 
this light is Nature, and Nature is corrupted and finfull. And 
in it, all are children of wrath, what is the light of Chrift as 
God corrupted and finfull, and is all by it children of wrath ? 
John Bunions Doftrine holds it forth ^ Though blindnes pof- 
fdfed th^, ^Yitn thoa write this, yet mayft thou blufh at the 
reading hereof. 

^*' Then thottigocs to ^Vc a meaningu^ou trv^ w<itd^ \ v^ 
f^id tbtlm n itghi; and UftVvi Vs \kt \-vn ^ >r\vv^ vs xsss&s^^' 

bpt I rpokc them roc for cbee to Interpret with thy lyti:^ (pi- 
rn, but let fpirUuall men judge of tbem^hen much adoetboa 
makesJn answering myqueiUon to thee* 'but bitts' 
words atiii • Lasked thee and bidtthee (hew if thou^caoftar^^ 
&n which (s not againft the Law, but this t-bou canft not doc; 
though thou would prove if thou eould^xhat tmbeliefeis not a 
(in againft the Law of God *, then thou (peaks of the obedU 
cnce of the Sonne of Marj imputed to u<j, rjrc. But I % the 
obcdienceof h m without doth not juftifieany • who arem^ 
the Nature of enmity againft him, who is oat a new aeacure^ 
nor condencmed in the ficih ^ and whereasthou iecrctly .cb^r^ 
ges yx^ wichumingKng Law and Gofpel together ^I tell thee we 
know the operation of each, and doth wfCneHethe Miniftratt* 
on of each^ ai^d they are not divided nor oppoliceooe againft 
the other; but- that one is the fulfilling of the other, and 
though thou faid fm kape-over the Xitw^for J ufiif cation^ y^ 
it is too high for thee to leaf e over for condemnation. Ke^ 
member this.and all thy feignd faith while in that Nature-tbou 
ftands uncondemnedy is but as the ftubble for the fire; tbca- 
whereas I charged thee with preaching anotbier Gofpel, the»; 
the Apoftle preached,& my charge is true upon thy head» and 
my proofe is found againft tbee^be dtreSed to the word wftl> 
in, in the heart JIoiT?. lo. what faith it, the word is in the 
heart, and he turned to the light from darknefle ; but thM 
iaitb wboihali afcend tofetch him, mentmuft foMaw him to- 
ihe CroiTe without, and to Heaven witbdui;, ic^r. And fo art 
one tliat faith loe here and loe there ; but^fe things thoii: 
haft paJBTed by, with thy lying excufe ofquarreiliag, a many 
pooreihiftstbouartfainetomake, and in that I faid thotr 
was a.lyer, in (ayii^ the light (vi^.y ofChrift as God, dottt 
not (iiew the foul a Saviour or deliverer, my charge upon tbee 
is true and ftands vnremoved, and I asked thee, if the light of 
Chrifi doth not ihew Chrift to all that walke in the iight,thel^ 
what can but this.; thou haft pafTed alfo moft deceitfulljr 
which Bands Mpon thee to anfwer or toAc|p«hy mouth, then 
thou would excufe thy contradidions charged upon thee, iii^ 
iAat cAon /kJd they are wickedly delia^itdv^bo QwoChrift iii> 

wJi0rfVi/ethcn^hc:wzs before Oi^ vjotX'L^^t^ '^j^^aS^^v^^ 

• w 

God otidy is the Saviour and there is none beHdes him, and 
all cbou faift cleares not tb^ (eife from contradidion herein, 
lee honeft men he judge betwixt us bocb,for thou judges falfe- 
ly me to be naught, and I am fiire thou art naught, andchou 
will nor take my judgement,! may not take tbine, ( let impar- 
tiallity. judge betwixt us) then thou would excuie thy flan* 
derschargedjuftly upon thee, in faying that Quakers make 
light of the Refurrcftion, and to prove thy wicKednefle, thou 
askes us whether it befo^ i'ts time enough for us co anfwer 
when thou haft hroi^bt evidence of the nrfi accufacion, what 
poor proofe is this for to cover thy felfe, though to add to 
thy wickednefTe. Thou (ay, thou knows we deny tc,I askethee 
when it was, or whore it was, O thou enemy of Righteoufnes, 
yea thou (halt arifeinthe day of judgement to (hame and 
contempt, and this I affirme except thou repent of this thy 
wickedopfle ^ 

Then whereas tiiou urges me^ that I (hould have anfwered, 
the Querie raifed from Ephk 4. 10^ better, or confu::ed thine, 
e^r. Doe not boaft but beare whac I fay, thou faift in that 
anfwer, that Chcift afcended to the right hand of the Father 
in your Nature. Mark, no w^ thy Nacure and your Nature 
who are one with thee, is (Infull and wicked and of the Divell 
for fo all lyecs ate, and it is Blafphemie to fay finfuU wicked 
divilli(h Nature, fucb as fobnBunians is, arid his fbllowes, is at 
the right hand of God in Heavenp horrible 1 conflder of thi^, 
and fee what thy begging an anfwer bach brought upon chee,~ - 
I deny though thou ^,that thy and your Nature, which 
is wicked) or, a man in that Nature is afcended into Heaven^ 
and therefore boaft not thy felfe another time. This nakednes 
of thine might have been covered but fqr thy own boafting^ 
and thou faift J Els i. proves it.let the rertder fearch^ If he cao 
find that Chrift afcended in finfull wicked Nature, fuch as 
theirs is, who are one with Jebn Buma»^ andthis is another 
lie of the Scripture, and though thou with Kpuch impudent 
confidence affirme the Quakers tobe deluders^f. I fay &om 
that we rather love difpraife then praife, and are asour fore- 
Fathers were counted deceivecs^and yet are true^ aodthoaarc 
deceived b thy owQ IieartAnidiat itUou \]iS(kd!^;JttiJ^>\^^ 

G z ^^^ 

that I (hould fay as though there were no falfc Prophets nox, 
bccaufe I {^\d they were in the Apoftlos dayes, which is trne^ 
and yet are they now too ; even its witpeffaTby thee, and \ 
thyfetlowes, who are in their fteps, who through coveteouC^ ' 
lies making merchandize of foules, and your people arc ever 
learmng,and not able to come to the knowledge of the.trutb^ 
and goes for gifts and rewards, and are falfe accufers and' 
fuchlike. Nay but underftand rat better, for 1% thou art a 
falfc Prophet, and thou art npw,though thy coot fprang forth 
inthetimcofchcApoftles of which thou art a branch, and 
thy fellows ; And though I faid that Antichrift was in the 
dayes of fohn, and this was before a Quaker was heard of, my 
words I own; prove that.that the Chriftians was calicdQiiakers^ 
at that day if thoucanft, &c. I alow hot theci to bexny Inter* 
prcter, except I found thee more honeft, but doth condcmne 
thy meaning upon my words, and though thou (ay inftcad of * 
proving our felves not falfe Prophets, we prove onr felvcs no 
Chriftians; bccaufe I faid (that word) Quakers was not 
heard of in thofe dayes. Now confidcf, are they no Chrifti- 
ans now, whofc title or name without, was not given or beard 
of,in the Apoftles dayes, then Proteftams arc no Chriftians, 
nor Independents arc no Chriftians, nor Anabaptifts are no 
Chriftians, bccaufe they were not called (o in the Apoftles 
dayes, and while thou haft thought to prove us no Chriftians, 
iiaft caft out thy felfe alfo, then thou art no better then we,and 
what poor arguments thelc are, let the wife confider, and 
vaine confequences, I did not fay there were no Quakers then, 
but not a Qigaker heard of ( vU> ) by that name •, for there ^ 
was thoufands of Quakers, who trembled and quaked at the 
word of the Lord, Mofes, and David^firetnUh^ Jfaack^ ^aul 
with many mbre were Quakers, and tremble s, though not 
then fo called, but as I faid,fuch as thou haft inch thou, bring^^ 
and thy matter will accept thee, 

'' Then thou faift, 1 fiingJurt in thjfitee^ bccaufe I laid if wc 

ihoQld dSigcDt fearcn thee^ We (hould fiml thee in tbeif fteps, 

through feigned words through coveteoulhefle».making mer- 

^AaadizeoffookB^ JovingthewaysofunrighteQufnefTe. And 

for hire, ^nd loves the error o( Salaam who went after pfw 
and rewards, &c. Now thou feemes to be grieved, and calis 
this a falfe ace ftfation , but lees try ; the caufe admits difputc, 
art not thou in their fteps^^nd among them chat do thefe things? 
Tiske John BHrtonwlh whprn thou art ) yned clofc ; to vindiw 
rite him and calls him Brother. he hath fo much yearly, 150.// 
or more ( except thou haft fome of it, ) which is. unrighteous 
wages, and hire, and gifts, andrewardb\ Wharfaift thou, art 
thou^ot in hisfteps, and among and with him and them^that 
doe thefe things ? if he be thy Brother, and thou fo own hiia, 
what is eviU in him whom thou vindicates, I lay upon thce,buc 
tell me, who have heard thee deny him, and the reft of the In- 
dependancs, in thefe things which thou knows hs doth a A, and 
in thy anfwer I cannot find the fully clearing thy felfty deny- 
all, but faift thatfpirit that lead me out of this vfay is a lying^fi" 
rity out of what way I fay, out of the way pf preaching for 
hire, doft thou meane ; nay its a lying fpirit in thee, that gpe 
in their fteps, and among them that goes in this way, and 
though thou bid me have a care of^recciving by hear- fay, what 
I have ffaid) received in thisjis truth^though thou evade it ne- 
ver fo much. 

As to that of fome bidding thee throw away the Scriptures, 
&€. Indeed uponfuch termes, it might be fpbken fo as to be 
owned, a Iyer and a flanderer is an unfit fellow to meddle 
with the Scriptures, or to take the name of the Lord, or of the 
man Chrift Jefus, in his mouth, and I may fay truly what haft 
thou ( unrighteous (terfon ) to doe, to take his name, and 
truth in thy mouth, hateing to be reformed. 

And in that I fay of thy crying againft Chrift within, this [^ 
true who faid there was nothing in thee, nor any man ( witfa* 
"but deception ) to be taken notice of, as we may prove by 
witnefle though thou deny it ; then, was not Chrift* within, 
atid what leffeis this, then to cry againft him, when as thou de- 
nycd him withio, or elfe concluded he is not worth taking no- 
nce of. And though thou fay I falfely fpeak of thee in faying 
thou calls the Doftrine of Chrift within*, falfe opinions, and 
take in hand to difcover it, but the falfenefTeis lev the^^ ^K<v 
bach iHC€rd that i^rhich Uunitudi^aTAcotxtax'^v;^^^^^^^^ 

•nd now det)^*cs it, orwoiildhidejtbywickcdnene; for thou 
having framed an objtSion, and fpeaks of fome chat are for a. 
Chrift wicbin, &c. and then cbou faift^ tbou will difcovcr tbe 
fillficy of fiich opiraons, Now tho}] doft here reckon c^e Doc- 
trine of Cbrift within falfe opinion, (or among tbem at leaft ). 
lee the Reader jodge, and be tbou filenc for Aame; but ali 
thou faift cieares tbee not, from wbat I faid of thee, God 
(halt Judge tbee tbou lying tongue, and deceitfuU heart. 

Tben thou charges one with folly and to eat roy firft words, 
and to be onftable in ]udgement,and to fight againft the truthi 
d^c. From my qiieftion asked, doth no( tbe Scripture fay, 
Chrift is within, except you be reprobdCes, and is not this thu^ 
much, ali is reprobates but tbey in whom Chrift is within, and 
yet becaufe I faid the meafureor roanifeftation of the Spirit^ 
t% given, to every man, this thou haft catched at, and would 
prove it unfound, but truth is over thee, and both thefe are 
true ^ and further, I fay that Cbrift is given unto tbe worlds 
yea to ali, but all receives him not, and tbey that doe not re- 
ceive him are reprobates^ thQugh be be given but not received, 
and the folly and Bghting againft truth is in thy hl(e^ who 
faith it is contrary to the Scriptures to fay the Spirit is giving 
to every one, thou here lyeft of the Scripture as its proved.and 
I doe not befoole ray fclfe in faying the words ( or fome of 
them ) I o^ in thy book, though I have written againft cbe 
book, for though thou fpeak-Chrifb words and the Apoftlea 
words, yet thy voyce is the ftrangers, and thy voyce I deny, 
whatever words thou fpeakes, and is not befooling my felfe, 
and here I could }uftly end my difcourfe, and what is faid is- 
liifficient, to manifeft thee and me, to the honeft Reader. And 
thus fko thy weapons of (landers are broken, and thy refuge ot 
lyes are layd waft, and this alfo is caft by, as our fpoyled prey 
ofBdbjlons trcafore, and trampled upon, and k now that we 
are of God, and he that is of God heareth us* and to our 
God, (hall all bow ; and before him tremble. 

And whereas thou feecnes to be greatly ofrended,and fliun-. 
b/ii^ verymuc\ at my anfwers to thy Queries, becaufe thy; 
cMrna/J conceptions is notfa;isfed,iaoTtVcj N^iwtvPixvdegpati- 
>&^ Aaving as thou thinkft gt^cai oca^xw^^xy^tcv^^iwct^ssL^ 

which caufes thy xnOBth to be vapaatiug words z^ 
loft, agaiiift the nrnpIiciCyofibeGofpel, not underftandii^ 
nry words^for the things dfche Kingdome of God is a parabk^ 
CO cbce and feakd from ibee, never co beknowoio tbexea- 
foil in which chou judgeft. 

But in ibarc thus I Rtflj^ I did noc purpofe to anfwer fut- 
*Iy to cbem co feede any mans wifedome with my knowledge 
of the things of Gods Kingdome ; for cbe Qgeriw were not 
folly direfted co che Qiyikcrs -To that quench thy anger, irnit^ 
according to my anfw^r, goc feeke a further anfwer, ( or clfc 
be thou (till un^cisfied ) from them who are led with a fpiric 
of delufion, for fucb a diret^ion reqiiirjes no full aofwer from 
me, nor any of us who are in the truth and notin ibe delu(r- 
on, neither <lid I purpofe nor doe I atany timctoauiwer fijlly 
cof^h tbings,aredircftcdin.agreatpart to others, Jam net 
..a,;1(&vantefpeeially tochemrhacare.fcdwitb a fpirk of delu- 
fion, to fiilfifl thy wil 1, But yet the ibort anfwers chat I gave, • 
( which was not in the bthatfe of ilelulion ) but for the truths 
fake, I fiill own thoi^ thou cannot undecftand them, btn 
produAs many bad lying wicked confeqpences from tbem, 
and my pui:po& was not to feed thy foolim wiiedome in an- 
fwcring'tior to fatisfietbyreaibntoreceiveipravle £'om tbee 
or any man forib I know it mnftbe in .hearing and faetii|^, 
thou inu(tj30t perceive nor uuderftand, who arc of the generst- 
tion hardened and in parable is.the 'Kingdome of heaven unto 
thee, and I rejoyce tbe rather in being "a ikrmtdir^ to thee, in 
thatilate wbereio thou (landeft, then that I (hould have gra- 
tified thce/or I feeknotnor receives honour from\man,in what 
I doe; but is covered from the.worlds'knOwledge, andknovr 
this, if thou cannot xeceive the Kingdome of Meaven as a Httle 
l&ivejn ; thou fiialt never know it; But yet how wicked art 
thou in this alio, though not underfianding me, in what I faid 
yet, fo fouly with above.jD. falfe charges and 
flanders from my wot^ which?thQu reaches not che know- 
ledge of, fo it will he enough, , 

Re^'lj^ to futn up thy lyes and fend .them backe to tfaer 
to feekethem out, and jin evidence fQtllatto.^TAv\^fe SbiS^'^^v 
Md my Aalmrsfb^ll ftand ^ti^^^ asct Xi^^YA^^^V\J^(>w^ 

r 50 

neft men, while we are both filentin ourowncaufe, theyjare 
to be fccn at large in my firft BookXhe tmt faith of the Gofptt 
cont ended f or fic^:. in the 26,27, 28* pages. 

And whereas fiirther I fpeate at the enid oftny Apfwers of 
Chrift within the hope of glory and feid, it is that miftery 
which' long hath been hid from ages^but now is made manifeft 
•«and declared,and though the wife of this world cannot receive 
ft, but fpeaks cvill againft it, yet it is deare unto us^ add fa 
much more precious becaufe dcfpifed by fuch as him and Aicb 
things arc a teftimony to us and againft you, ( vU. ) our en- 
emies, &c. As in my 29. Page of my firft may be feen - and 
moft wickedly this, or part of it,hecallsbabling$, and faies 
he paffcs by it. 

O horrible inftpudency / what marvel 1 that he (hould fo be. 
lye me, when as be hath called the very Scripture trutb,f|(Hyken 
forth in righteoufne(re,bablings f and thefe things I leave the 
Reader to Judge of, and all his lyes thrown upon me i mpu. 
dently and coiifider, what ground this man hath from my an- 
fwers to be feen in my firft booke to broach out and belch Out 
fucfa a number of lyes and flanders, in 5. ifides of paper^ not a- 
ny one of them (charged againft me falfly ) were fpoken by 
tne^or ever in my thought to fpeake, or ground given by a- 
ny of my words for (uch produftions,as it is feen what lodges 
in the heart offuch a fellow even defperate wickednefle who 
^ is without any (hame or lionefty, who dare utter fucfa things 
againft the upright, who hates dot his enemies, but while I am 
cldar in the fight of God, from all his falfe flanders, 1 matter 
not what fohn 'Bunien fay of me , who is as a man given up to 
wickednefle who in leffethenaftieetof paper hath uttered 
30. lyes or more, which I may particularly manifeft before be 
can find evider.ce^' a great wickedneffe ? can this mans converts 
be good,while himfclf is unconverted?is hea minifter of Chrift? 
for (hame let it not be told fo^welljibeg notvengeance againft 
faim,6ut leavesmy anfwers tobeTead,who wil clear me from hit 
lying confeqaences, moft wickedly conceived, and as wickedly 
atteredCSj one of Gogs Armj) againft a member of Jefus, 
Now I come to reckon up his damrafeXtliCifittvtv^^ ^tA^x- 
rors, which ate contnv] tothcttuih^ 2i^w\\mmlA\^ ^V 


peare, to him diac is fpirlcttaH ^ fome of chem damnable mdi- 
ouc comparifon. 

^ahn iunian fditdXhdt Chrifts feconi comings is not his ctm^ To this i 
ing in Spirit^ for his coming in Spirit is no coming. He faith, wicnclTcs 

this ( or part of it J is a lye made of him by me ; when 
as feverall witnefles, doch teftifie in rtghteonlbefTe, that thofe 
very words were fpoken by him, in T^anles fieeple-hoafe in 
Bedford to^r^', Maj2i.i^$6. as is wicneffed, and yet this 
man is fo impudent, that he denyes whathefpake, (oFtsa* 
(hamed ot his words-) and fo would caft the lye upon me. 
who is cleere^and the wickednefle lyes at his door, and where- 
as he would prove that the fecond coming ofChrift, is not his 
coming in Spirit, I fay I will not begg him to believe it, bat as 
he believes, fo be it unto him, and all that he faith doth not | . 
pro(rc,butthatChriftpromifed,andfuHfilledtohisDifciples, ^ " '*' 
that be would come againe to them, (mark) againeisafe^ 
cond time. If any man hath an ear let him hear. And then he 
faith he will not trouble himfelfe to lay this to my charge in 
that it was faid of him ; Chrifit coming in Spirit if no coming^ 
it may be he repents of what be hath (aid, being better conu- 
dered, (ince he hath already faldy charged me with it, as fome 
in the County of Be^ord knows very well, that be hath falfly 
charged me and denyed his own words, fpoken by his own ^ 

Al/b he faid, Takf notice that I affirms that there is nothing 
h me nor in any man to he taken notice cf^ Thele are his owa 
words fpoken by him ^prill 12 1656* at Tatmm^witaci&d 
by three men, who heard it from his mouthy and this charge 
he doth not fully deny,but in a great tneafure be aflents to ic, 
yet would cover his (faame a little with a lye, in faying » Dim, 
reBlj in this forme ofwerds he did not lay them downe^ but this 
will notfcrve to bide his reprobate ft ate, for to his face it 
maybe teftified be fpoke the words,as I have laid them down^ i 
jtnd therefore confideragainft whom I am yoaked, againft one 
that is a reprobate, and without Cbrift ii him , one that have 
denyed Chrift in bim, or elfe thinks ChriSnot worth taking 
notice of. O abominable ignorance^ wb^ (houVdCv&s.\v^^^i«am 
nke the things of God in his mo\ab^^)Dk^W\5oL ^w»it.\Q5^ 

in hira, aud chc Spirit of Cbrift in^le^ it appear^ that 6c doth 
take notice of nothing in him, die be would have been woun- 
ded with the lifibt ia bis own confciencCj before he had 
brought forth thus many lyes, it feems he takes notice of iio« * 
thing in him, but is pafi feielmg, damnable doftrine indeed^ 
without com parifon, that ever onepfofeifing a Minifter ,f)f 
Cbriil, fliould be fo ftark blind and wicked, yea, we have ca* 
ken ngticeof what thou haft f^td. and it (hall be recorded for 
ignorance of the gr^teft fort, but he would eiade (be (hing 
and give a fence upon his words^and in (ucb a (ence be Qwnes, 
and in fuch a fence he denyes itj bu| what is thi( to tbe pQr*< 
pofe, eitcept he c^nfeffe it, ( as it is ) thatt be is unregenerate, 
and if (o, he confefTi^s the ligbt of Qod is in bim^ and then tQ 
be taken notice of, if it be hw to condeigQoe him, 

O blindnefie to be marked 1 well| tbi| iQapi folly hath ap« 
peared fufiiciently,wbo confefles this light in every niao is tb^ 
light of Chrift as God^ and yet faitK, be a|Sr6ies there is now 
thing in him, nor any man, ( regenerate or unregeneracej 
without exception j bis words here fpoken^ worth the taking 
^tice of. 

The reft of the parhcuUrs charged vpoii his fejtowes is paf- 

fed by with the excuiSe of wanting the nanie^ esipreHedt maj 

1^ be is gl^ to be ignorant in tbiisthing,^ biit lets ftarcb^ 

fohn Burton faid. That Chrift had two bodyes, one ouf. of (be 

fight of the Saints jiQ!|^^0r</9 May 23. i 6i$y6s And to 

this foktt Bunwi confefle&hut wouU e^Kufe it if he coold^ and. 

would maniftft chat Cbrift hath two bodies, cleaae contrary 

to the Scripture which affirms, Efhef 4. 4. Now no marvell 

(.bat be gainp^efiLme,when as be bach gain^Atjedthe Apoftle, 

who faisb( expre%. There is omc^ tojJj, but tbey % two hoim^ 

lee them be afhamed for ever, thus to cQtitradid; Scrip- 


2g. JiAn> Sfenaly ( oneofeb€Teflatersof(bhiytt)(<croIei a 

I ^ 111 iDfirobcf of the iaoie fuppofed Cburch)rai4tb^ Cbcift and tb^- 

^f r word Q£it6wiefetwathingf, and foiKcouJd^vifi^ 

j|ra^ to the ttkr of fohn 48. wherQChrifk A^b be iKtbe bread 
o/J/A, and eoattBty to i J^^ \. x. Ttit zi^. of the 8i 
mondi^ I- 6-^6,. 9oh ^KiiioA a&4 OCA ¥tr« v& VCVUi^ 
/mddown.. i.-,^V^ 

I. That Cod dyed, ^nJthdfVery^oJ, ^indthetvtrkli- 
irf^ Father djiJcottfrarj to many Scriptures, a9 D^/f, 4. 34. 
2)4». 12. 7. 

, 2. They affirmed, Thjt the worJ^ that was in, the hginmi^ 
was crucified upbn the Crojfe^ tOT\tt2ixy t$ the I Peter i , 2 j . 

3 . They affirmed, That jk/Hficatiifn is mthom obedience^ 
£uc yet fay I, None is juftified in difobedieoce but atf condem* 
ocd in it, let them mark that, and tbert is but either in obedit ^ 
€nce, or in difobedijence, and ht that is a Believer and jofiifiedj 
is not without obedience. - 

4. That There is a light rphich cenvinceth ^fin^ bejides the 
light ofChrifi^ and fohn Btinian In ali his Booke cannot prove 
any is convinced of €\i\ that hath not the light of Chrift or 
that any thingbefides the light of Chrift doth convince of fin, 
ib that bis cohfqAo^doeb appeare, 

5p, That There is mfanting kjtowledge tut what comes mth'- 
out f rem Heaven, contrary to zC^r^^A^. where it is faid the . 
Jfght (hone in their hearts out of darknefle, ^. Child denyed 
thatche man Chrift Jefus bad given a light to everjman that 
comes into theworld^ contrary to fok i. JK 

Alfo he denyesf,TiW ev^man was lighted jthat tbej migh 
believe y contrary to Jo. 12, ; 6. 35* J o. "Stfrton.hid^Tiata 
man might he'4^90fttbb foustlUBStKlftK'^^^ 

Scripture (aith, Matth. i ^3 f ; 1 fti fai ' m S^^K ^StJjfj^ 
be deayed of the Father, and the Father denyes not any thak 
areon dhe foufldocion a^ they affirme. 

Another of them (iiAj'hat the word that was hid in Davids ' •■ 
heart was the outward Scripurts^ 

. Anothefof tliem affirmed, That he -was juflifiedfrom atthis 
fins^^paif^frefent and t(i coins and faid there war Scripture in the ^ 
Ails topr6veit. y. 

fohn Bnncniiiii^ Thae a mai^ii nor jufiifiedrbj the Spirit'^ * «^4 
fohn Buniajn^ faid, the 3<i, of the 1 1 . month. That the Spirit of 
Chrift doth nothing ( MarkJ within man as to juftificatien, ^ 

he'affiraied,T/f^/5 thefiejb of Chrift is not withinanj maHjixn 
thereis no man tha( hath lifeirvbim if pirifts words be tcue> 
Jo. 6. y 3 . and Chrifts words is true, and thereforejf (?. Bnttions 
4(J^rihe i), iwf faid j .That bj the Xin^f^ •f Hwwcn^v vrkWn 

S Wit- 

i by mi^ ^** Pharifeej Lukf 1 7* Chrififpeakes ofhtmftlft thtreas a per^ 
^ ' fiftdB man to h that Kingdome of heavcfi, M^rkhcn what the 
fubftance of this is, dotb he mcanc that the perfon of Chrift. 
was in the Pharifccs. 

O horrid blindnefle! not to be parrelelled. 
He faid. The hffi thing in a naturaBntan is Impure^ and yet 
in tWs Book conVeffes that the light ofGod is in all men, (6 
that mud be impure, eire^-^^^^'^^/dcdrine is a lye^ bue 
the light of God is pure, and therefore y^^, Bunians^okntie 

He faid, that the Scripture, In every place ^oth not mean as 
it fpeakcs^^nd inftanced that in "peter jaot to mean as it fpeak^, 
where it is faid, yea, as lively ftones arebuiltupafpiritoall 
houie, and where it is f^id, have fait in your felves, He asked 
if a mans Mj^muB te filled mth fait, Ktark this expofiton, 
^and bis blindnefle and ignorance, and the caufe why he is fi-^ 
Itnt^it/^nd forbears to aggravate fin isjeafi hard thoHghts fiontd 
be. entertained againfi him^ Let men judge, whether this be not 
own book ^ onfoithfull man to the Lord, who rather then harA 
is tin thoughts (hould be* againft him in the wicked, he will be ^ 
1^* 9M^ ^"^ ^^^^ ^"^ cover (in in finners. O wickednefle in- 

%edl , 

He faith, that Chn& A fcended into Heaven in cur nature 
{'vits. ) in his nature, and they that are one with him, andlie 
and they are proved to be in corrupt nature, a ^ they will con- 
feffe it. Q what wickednefle to hold forth that Chrift is ae 
the right hand of God in flnfull naturci as his words holds 
forth from his owne moutlu 

^0. Burt on faid^ That men maj depend too much upon fme^ 
thing called p)rift^^ and tht right eot^fneffe cf Chrift with^. 

He faith , that the Devil Knowerbdw to taki the Cf^ldrens 
bread ( vik. ) Chrift Jefus whp oncly is the Ghildrens bread ^ 
aiKi give him to dogs. O fad error and damnable. 

He faith. That the Devill deceives foules by bidding\ them 
fpUow. the ligjit Vfhich jhtjp brought intih tb9mrlii^itb 

AaitbcunAS»lSxvk light Util^eV^t ^^WV^^^V 

\ J I y 

O unutterable ignorance ! can a fober man read this, and not 
beafhamed, to hold forth that the Devil deceives Toulesby 
biddi ng them follow the light of Chrift { as God > ? . 

He faith, they that follow Chrift aright, wufi feUow him , 
wlthoHt^ to thecrfjfe without for j^Jiificanon^mr mount ^alvery ^ 
rvithoHt •, they mufifeekforjujiificatiofi without^ and the Spirit 
of Chrift it leads to Chrift withffUt . 

Reader, fee if this be not near unto Poperej', or enquire clfr 
whathemeanes, as if he would have people to goe a Pilgri- 
mage, and this is contrary to Rom. i o. 6, 7, 8. 

He faith J That the foule of man is the light it^herewith everf 
mJtn is lighted bj Chrift as Qod, and this is the light that ty^tf 
man broughtintb the world with him,and the Devil deceives- 
foules by this light ( v/«. )by the foufe, this is true from* hit 
owne words, let it be marked by fober nien, what damnable 
doftrines thefe are, hardJy fit to be raked in. 

He faith further. That the ^ evil deceives foulesbj ferfwd^ 
ding them to follow the light within^ which he confeffes is the 
light of Chrilt, and that all men hath it. 

He kith. Confcience is the light of God^ and yet in another 
place faith, Co^fcience is defiled^ what concurrence is here, Ujt 
the Reader judge, to hold forth that the light of God is deflf- 
led:,his words plainly (hewes,to lay that the law is the Scbool- 
mafter to bring to Chrift. y Compai 

He fz]ti}^ This is^ a frothy argument thisdoAri 

And to make up his wicke^nefle he faithj He it ruUd h wirb//<d. 

Jm^^/wf, conlider whether thofe doArins and lyes be not ^v^. 
heart to fay he is ruled by Scripture,he faithj^Afj rif>4/ /(wi^;i^ to"bc 5L 

quite contrary to Scripture, what impudency is in this mant " 

on * Chrift no etherwajesthen as he was be fort the world >w, he hie. 
dare to he hid to fay they Chrift ians^ but AmiehrijHatp^y 
be faith ^hat '^Chrift as he is Mehator^fohe doth not tighten * Cootrir 
every man th dt comes into theworU though as he is Godjhe doth^ ^^ f^^-^ • 
Markfiere, he Would-divide Chrift , not to be the fame,the Son, 
as be is the Father ; ^et he confe3>*in his^Book,ff'W thtlis^ 
ther dot hi the Sou d^th alfo^ fee wba t eohtradiSion here is ? obc 
worth the raking in,. O blindnefle that may be felt in the. 
^ifc/^ <fcirittie/febeinbabits. Vki^v^T b^t tVe^vx)\VW%W 

experiince tftbe k^owledjreofthe etermtjl powe^, 4nu^Gi^ 
knul^ then uofcgcncrace men ; Mark, the ti^ord «^# fi|^ifies 
fomechtng. He &ith, TBe light ^fCbrifl as God^ k^^cunce 
r m^ndtHTiitfilfe^ ^^k, nature is fiofiilt^aixl wickcdl and all 
are children of wrath, in it fo are all by the light of Cbriil as- 
God; wicked & children of wrath if f 0. Bmnnns dodrin be true, 
let him make icgood as he can:0 wonderful crafb & muddy 
ftaSFjUnheard of bcfore.He faitb,7'Ae DevU deaivef fonts ^hj tid^ 
ding them lifien within^andfee if there be not that Tfiacb dith con* 
vince offin^ Mack bis dodrio welL He dcnyc5,TAiir Paul Ms 
Hfittt within ^contrsivy to that Scripture, Rem. J o. 8, 9* He 
faith, confcience nuijhe hardned and feared^ andis natnrallj e* 
ffiH^ and yet faith, ("onfcience ie the light ofChrifim cU^f^ 
what an agreement is here, the light c^Chrift a$ God^ is bard. 
' cned aodieared, and evil, el& f. BmummcA revoke fiisdod> 
fine, or elfe prove this, GonAder what ftuff this is, wbic;h is 
held forth by him. 

He faith, he preaches not for hire, indeed, be bad no need 
to receive mony for fuch doftrin as tbefe. 

lie faith Chrifi i^fomefonror five foot hngpjbis is more then 
tie can tell. 

«e reckons the dodrin of Chrift within a falfe, f or among 
felfe ) opinions. 

He faith. It is contrary toScriptnrett)faythewfed/iirr(Q^ 
manifeftation ) of the Spirit is gj^ven to everj «;«f, though 
J^ni iaitb fa plainly to the Corinthians^ i Cor. X2. 7. 
• Mark hefe he hath fpoken quite contrary to Scriptuce^ d»- 
fiyed that which 7^4/1/ affirmra or elfe counted PauU worda ^ 
againft Scripture. : 
' ii9 (Mh^Thij that are horne of god doe d4ty fin^Mk)kt^^ 

cofitr^ to die I fohn 3. 9. And. therefore be W0|2ld.|;ivie tbe. 
Apoftle the lye. 

^4ow Reader conlider, ti^rhetber thou jwilt believe fohm 
VffHian^ or the Apoftie fohn^ for they are at ods, and. fptalui 
iguite contrary one ta the other.. 

' yiti^xih^Thdt the ligbp thai (^ amf 

/4w/ fi^ gad^k e$€mall^ rvonldUad^o life ^ then mi^theDe^ 

v/Zr ^ Jf/fverfdfrom domeuuion^ttnii tfcc DwiU Vj^ij^^oi 4c 

He faith. That the light fpokff9 ^f jolm the 'id u the nian 
Chri& fifuij ^od yet faith, that the man Chrifi Jeftu^ is n^t a 
condemning light. 

Mark chac Scripture, faith that light was condemnation to 
them that did evill, be faith nor, who mud ycm believe. 

He faith. That the Ijar andjUnderer is an unbeliver^ md 
bis condition is fad. 

Confiderbere,howoutofhisowne mouth he is condem* 
Ked, who is at large, proved a lyar and fland^rer, out of bis 
own mouth will the Lord condemn bixn. 

(i[e faith. That a man cannot give a more right defcripdon 
of a falfc Prophet, tl en the Prophets, Cbrift^and the Apoftlcs 
did give. Reflh I" ^^'^ ^bou haft truly faid. Now 
lets coiifider, how thou baft ; cdnfefled to thy own 
fliarti^, and laid open tby own nakedneffe , the Prophets- 
faid fuch was falfe Prophets as preached for hire, and divi- 
ned for many, and fed themfelves, and clothed themfelves 
with the woole, and that ufed their tongues, and faid the 
Lord laith it, when God had not fpoken. to them, and that 
cryed peace to the wicked,aQd Chrift faict fqcb were deceivers^ 
who had the chiefeft place in the afiembty, and ftood praying 
in the Synagogues, and loved the uppermoft room^ at feafts^ , 
and that were called of men mafter, and fuch like^ and the A- 
poQIe faid fuch were deceivers, to take gifts and Awards, and 
lucre^ and that loved uarighteous wages, and that were back* 
biters, and falfe accufefs,and covetous, and having a forme of 
GodUae^e, but denying the power, who ever taught, and the 
people were not able to come to the knowledge of the truth , 
with many other fuch like. Now this is my appealc'to ail mens 
confciences, in the fight ofGod, whether thoo art not found 
under fome of thefe carreftars (at leaft) or whether thou ait 
rtoc one in union and felfowlhip^ *ith (izch who afttbcfc 
things, yea, thou art! among them and not crying agalnft 
ttoem, and fo Art guHty of their (tn, though not as fully in the 
ad as are fome, may be *, fo chat I^ doubt not, but they who 
bavenot hardened their hearts,and blinded their eyes will (ee, 
how thou hafl? condemned thy fctf iti cotvfcffix^i\N.^vrckxJ\^^^ 

lactfffle/s coming that further livn\\\^tvxv^'^\sy^^^^ 

tring thee, only at prefenc thou art fufRcientty diftovcred, to 
be out of the truth in the way of perditiao, and how evvr 
though thou haft covered chy lelfe^as much as is poflibie.from 
the ftroke of thy owne hand, and from the guilt of thy own 
confeilion, yet ^o. 'Burton jihoM haft condemned an hundred^ 
I thinke oi Indefendant Minifters,{fo called)thy brethreo,wbo 
are known to be found guilty of thofe things, all or moft of 
them, which thou confefles are marks of a talfe Prophet, and 
while thou bids us examine our fel ves,thou art theman (oi a* 
mong them ) that are proved truly guilty. 

He faithjHe is not come to one of the dayesof the thoufand 
yeares, of Satans being chained; and this is truly contefled^and 
lb he is in the reigne and government of the Devil), and Sacah 
is not bound but at liberty in him, ( as it well appeares J and 
Chrifts reigne is not known, and fo it muft needs be true^thac 
" iie is of the Army of the Draggon againft the Lamb. 

Some of the fame mem bers with him tkid, m Bedford^ That 
they icorned that light which convmceth of fin, ( which the 
<iuakcrs ipeaks of ) 

Furtherjmtift f ill I am charged by him with railing againft 
the Lord Jefus, which is abfolute faife^my *rords arc ipokenin 
feare and reverence of the Lord Jefus. Reader, thcfe thii^ I 
leave to th^e, co be judged of, bis falfe flanders and his dam- 
nable doftrins,and wicked lying accufations ;and contradidj- 
^ ons which his 9 (heets of paper is filled with, as if he had fee 
himfelf to lye,and flander and fpeak wickedly againft the truth 
which is over him, and is a teftimony againft him^and though 
oppofcd bj^ him yet not confounded,but him it confounds,and 
by it he (hall be judged and condemned . and the time comes 
when further he may be made manifcft, if tfaisbe no^ fuffid 
cnt'out of the abundance of his heart, hath his'wicked tongue^ 
tcrcd thefc things, which are but a little of what lodges in 
biro, but let him prove thefe things firft, and then utter more, 

AND ROW fo^H 'Bsiman.thou and thy falfe witneffcs^and 
.ZjL an thy company and brethren in iniquity. Remember 
^na repent for the day of your ViRuuonV&xx^oxv^iQvx^ U^^ 
n^ereyou^ if you conid receive U^Wot^VL>a^^^t^x^ttf5X.\ft\^ 

t«cailed;and before tbe long fuffering of God romie to m tnd 
tnd you be (hut up in utcer darkneue, and indeed friends the 
day haftens wherein every man (hall receive according to his 
4ccds ^ be rhut bath done eviii (hall not be cloaked^ and he 
* that hatb donr good (hall not be uncovered, in that day when 
the fecrecs of all hearts (hall be laid open, and fearched with 
the eternall eye •, the end of my worke U to dear the trDth,and 
the way thereof, ( God is wrtneffc ) from thy flaoderous and 
lying and perverting tongue, and onely I reproove thee, by 
the Spirit of the Lord, and fo leaves thee to receive thy re- 
ward from the juft God of righteous judgement ^ who upon 
thy head will render vengeance in flames of fire, in his dreads 
fell day^which upon thee comes fudclenly, even when thou and 
you cries peace, peace^then (hall deftruftion come as an armed 
man from which thou (halt not fly to efcape,though now yon 
all be hardened againft the Lord and his way and truth, and 
hath even bent thy tongue for iyes^ and hath reproached the 
innocent, to the peirceing of thy own foule, and one day 
(halt thou know it, therefore bow and tremble before the 
Lord God, thou and ail thy companions, a lyar and flanderer 
thou art, a pervener and wrefter of the right way of God,and 
of the Scriptures, a hipdcrite and diflembler, a holder forth of 
damnable dodrines an envious man,and faife accufer, condem. 
nsng another falfly in what thy felfe is fully guilty of ; thefe 
things I lay to thy charge juft ty in the prefence of the Lord 
God^ and upon thy account are they reckoned by him^ and 
proved by ceftimony in the light of man ( and may be moi« 
foUy hereafter if any thing be wanting^and one day (halt thou 
fecle the budien of them,thougb now thou be above fhame ; 
and all thy lyes, flanders^deceits, confufions, hypoaifiesjCom 
cndiftions, and damnable dofthnes of Devils, with impuden- .^ Wim 
cy held fonh by thee, (hall be confumed in the Pit of venge* ^^^ ^^ 
ance, and then (hall the witne(re in thy confcience juftifie the juj^^c/o 
|.ord(in condemningjthee J& me,to be tn» In reproving thee, peace (h 
and this I fay to thee, and you all, the liveing God you know ied who 
not, nor his Son Jefus Chrift • but are enemies to God and * P^ioncd 
perfccutersofche Lord of life, and (hall pcri(h among the un- cca^a ^ 
ciiicumdfcd, ycc falfc witncffes, and wOk^^\x^\^t^ *^Ni^^\^-s\ ^es^xv^ 

1^ X^'^ 

be alhamed of your tefiimony fubfcribcd at tbe beginning of 
bis lying icribblc^ will you yec fay threu^h Grdce^thoft things 
are true ; the rather ftopyourmouthesin iheduft, who hacb 
offended the Lord^ more then defended htoi, or your felves y 
and be alhamed in tbe prefence of God and man, tnuch more 
may be faid lay yon further open, if you yet hardi 
en ) our hearts in your wickedncffe, but I doe rather reprove 
you, then ftrive with you, and rather defires your return to 
God, then your condemnation 6y him, and with thislfhalk 
end, and by what is faid in (hort is fuffictent to manifeft you, . 
and ^ohn BunUn to all honeft people, what-generation you 
are of, and that you are guided by a lying and unclean (piric; 
and that you are doing the Devils worke in gain*faying tbe 
way of truth and rigbteoufnefle,by your multitude of lyes and 
flanders, and damnable dodrines, and whatever you accoanc 
or falfly judge of me, yet am I true^ ( though as a deceiver ) 
and the Lords fervants, and a witnelle for him andagainft all 
your lyes and flanders, and wickednefle hatched amongfty ou 
andbrought forth by a lyeing orator whom you have made 
your mouth into the view of tbe world, even a curfed hirtb^ 
and the father of it ; and the womb that conceived it, and ic 
(hall rot, and perifii as the dunge andnotaccom{difiiany 
partoftheerd, of yourdelire, forfoloathfome it is^ being 
truly fearched and laid open that ithath not obtained neitbef 
the praife of God nor man^ but is defamed by men, and con-- 
demned of God ., alas, alas, fortbee Jahn Buman thy feverall 
months travel! in griefe and paine, is a fruitle(rebitth,and per- 
iihes as an untimely fig, and its praife is b]otted>ont among 
men, and its pafTed away as fmoak • Truths is %top of tbee, 
and out-reaches thee^and thy fonncd weapons cannot profper^ 
and it (hall iiand forever to confound thee,and all its enemies; 
and though thou wilt not fubjefi thy mind ro ferve it willing^ 
iy, yet a (lave to it mufi thou be and what thou doft in thy 
wickednefFe againfi it, tbe er.d thereof brings forth tbe glory 
of It, and thy owneconfoundiilg and ihdme ; and now be wife 
and learned, and put of thy armour ,for thou maift underftand 
the morerbou ftrives, the more thou art entangled, and the 
Ifigfcrchoti srifes /nenvy ,the deeper \% t^'^ ^^v«lq ^^a&Svfttw 

and the more thy argumcnei are, chemoreincreafedisthy 
folly, lee experience teach thee, and thy own wickedocfle 
correA thee, aod thus I leave thee« and if thou wilt not oivne 
the light of Chrift in thy owne confctence, now to reprovief 
thee andconvince thee, yet itf the day of judgeracnt ' thoii 
(halt owne it, and it (hall witneflfe the juftnefTe of the judge- 
ments of the Lordjwhcn for thy iniquities he pleads with thee, 
and behold as a theife in the night, whea thou art not awarrc^ 
be will come, and theti^ woe untathee thatart poluted^ 

Ft ^li 

<• V 


a ■ 

IN Page the 2. line x. for o, r^to^ and I. the 20, r. and before the dra- 
gon, in p. 4* I* ^ • for belped,r. belyed, cake notice of it? in Page 5 , 
lioe 17 • r. and before alU In Page 6. 1. 16. for here r. they, and line 
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U t9i for againft ty no, in P. 49. h ^« for he hach r? hath he noCj fo ic is 
in the manufcript. 

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